F10 Products going away?

I’ve been noticing that F10 is no longer being sold on a lot of sites I used to get them from and it’s said that they will no longer be in stock. Is this the end of F10? Or is there a way to get more without being scalped?

Covid again…F10 is from south Africa, it never really gained popularity…yes with reptile hobbyists, but no real vet services or lage scale animal operations…zoos, livestock etc…the cost to ship in by air is to high do to limited flights…but there maybe a few ships with f10 on it but that could take months

Your seeing this happen with alot of products.


Here is a relevant thread on why it may have lost some popularity. People found out using it for things like RIs isn’t as helpful as many (for some reason) first thought.


I’ve noticed this as well. It is my go to disinfectant, kills pretty much everything.
I ordered my last bottle of F10SC months before Covid came around so that’s not the reason it’s not available.
I thought maybe the manufacturer didn’t have as high of sales in the US, but I’m not sure why it’s not available anymore. It’s been over a year since I’ve been able to find any more for sale in the US.