Fake MorphMarket Facebook Page

Please visit this page, which is not ours, and click the “…” and “Find Support or Report Page”. Click the button “Intellectual Property” for reason.

Maybe having a few inputs will speed them up in banning the page. :slight_smile:


Done!! Wonder what this kid/person is trying to accomplish here​:face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_facepalming:

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Likely using a real name to push their scam accounts as genuine.

Why do people have to suck so bad! :roll_eyes: :triumph:

Reported! Sorry that happened to y’all John.

What they are trying to accomplish is selling high price animals at a fraction of the cost.

And so far by the look of it after a little digging it is the typical Nigerian/ Cameroon scam.


Reported, hope they close them down soon

A private group was also created https://www.facebook.com/groups/544805196185448/?ref=share so please report this as well.


FB hasn’t done anything yet, but I also filed a Trademark infringement claim today. My buddy who owns a business said they responded within hours when he did that.

It doesn’t bother me directly, I just don’t want to see anyone get ripped off.


Reported as well


Can’t say that was easy, but we got it done. Thanks for everyone’s help!



Glad to hear. I had to reinstall FB just so I could complain!


Imitation is the purest form of flattery. Who cares, someone is always trying to live off the coattails of someone else. Just continue to do your own thing. I don’t check into MM to much anymore, and it seems like lately I just get the “MM is being overrun” message with all the garter snakes. It’s a hobby, but there is money in it, it’s not where I make my money but I spent 3G with the biggest of biggest BP breeders. I quickly learned they don’t give a crap about you unless you’re spending huge money or in the good ole boys club. Just keep your head down do your own thing, and keep in mind everyone copies everyone

When someone copies one’s page like what just happened here in the intent of scamming people out of money this is no longer flattery, this is something people should care about and that needs to be taken seriously and adressed in an effort to protect the community :+1:


So you wouldn’t mind if this “form of flattery” page was using your ad on morphmarket with your business name and pics of animals to scam people out of money? Many breeders on Morphmarket had they ads they posted used by the “flattery scamming” page to scam people by saying MorphMarket works as a broker for the breeder in this case that would be you in this example. The person then send the " flattery scamming page" the money and says YOU WILL BE SENDING THE SNAKE. So who do you think is going to be called out on Facebook and everywhere else for scamming the person out of money. Certainly not the “flattery” scamming page… here is the link How to avoid falling for scams from your typical scammer

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@ryan79 Thanks for the comments.

I would agree with you – personally I don’t care about them. But they will eventually dupe someone into sending them money, so I feel personally responsible to try to avoid that.

seems like lately I just get the “MM is being overrun” message with all the garter snakes.

Yes I’m sorry about that. This has been particularly bad the past few weeks. We are actively working to improve this – I have made another topic to share about this situation: Upgrades Causing Over Capacity Errors