Favorite species

I’d like to know what everyone’s favorite species of snake is and why, and what makes that species stand out from others you’ve owned?

I’m trying to look into some different species to add to my collection, that I may have not thought of in the past. Even if it’s as commonly kept as a ball python or corn snake, I’d love to hear what your opinions are on said species.

That’s a hard decision for me honestly :joy:
I love my ball pythons because they’re very easy to care for and predictable with their mannerisms. Not to mention all of the different patterns and colors you can find in the morphs.

I also love my hognoses because of their personalities and overall oddly adorable defensive displays… and they also have some neat morphs as well :heart:

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I have only had one boa so far so… I like hime the best so far.

I’ve heard that about hognose snakes. I’ve never owned them, but they seem to have personality’s different than other snakes.
And I’d agree, some of the hognose morphs are unique and beautiful.

Boas are my second favorite next to Retics. They are just awesome.

And retics are my dream species

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Like when we’ve talked before, just do research on them and make sure you’re absolutely positive. I can’t stress that enough. But they get a bad rap and are truly a very kind and gentle giant.
One day hopefully you’ll get one, and you’ll see why they are my favorite.

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I will hopefully one day with a lot of research and hands on work with them. One of the reasons I want to work with them is… that I believe that they are gentle and amazing giants.

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I started out nearly 10 years ago with an Arizona Mountain Kingsnake, and honestly still love my smol boi Ammon (he is within the average range of size for an adult male though slightly on the larger side, a staggering 2’6" and 110 grams). I got really lucky with him as I had seen them online but the minimum price was always $250 and I couldn’t afford that at the time (I was 13) nor could I order online anyway. I went to a local pet store and found a little baby for $100. They had just priced him down from $300 because no one had bought him or even really looked at him in a month because he was “too expensive” and they needed him gone so they could get new animals in. He is a beautiful boy, just a very tiny species. Here is my best pic of him since he never stays still.

I do however have to say my favorite species overall is the Eastern rat snake. Their personalities are wonderful and they are extremely inquisitive. My girl is like a lizard with how she comes to investigate what I am doing by her cage. They also get nice and big compared to many rat snakes. I have seen wild ones that were at least 7 feet, but they average around 5-6 feet.


They truly are. At least from my experience. I feel with their intelligence they almost can tell what you’re doing and why. It’s kinda freaky but so interesting.

Wait I didn’t know that they got that big… that is awesome

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My dad said he seen one when out hunting last season and said it had to be around 8ft and was nearly as big around as his forearm (like 5 inches or so across). I trust him when guessing length since he has been a carpenter his whole adult life and has never guessed wrong before.

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Awesome suggestions. I’m very fond of kingsnakes, never owned that specific locality. And there is something about smaller snakes that make them really fun to handle.
I’ve also never owned a Eastern rat snake. My favorite rat snake species is a Bairds rat snake, and I’m currently looking for one to add again.
I’ll definitely have to look into those, thank you for your suggestions.

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I’ve always had the opinion snakes in the wild can get much larger than in captivity.
That would have been so cool to witness, I’d have a hard time not following a snake that large in the wild for a few hours.

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Top 2 that I own

Carpet Pythons: Intelligent (also relative when it comes to snake) and inquisitive.

Hognose: Personality

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I’ve owned carpets in the past, specifically Irian Jaya’s. I’d have to agree, they are very inquisitive and overall active for an arboreal species.

I’ve never owned a hognose, but I keep hearing great things about them.
I’m definitely interested in them and I’ll have to do some more research and find out more.

Thank you!

Well while there are dream snakes I wish to own in the future there are favorites that I have worked with. I love ball pythons for the range of colors but I will admit they are not as active than some other snakes so the main reason I like ball pythons is the possibility of colors more than personality but I still love how calm and relaxed they are. My favorite species I have worked with in terms of personality are kings snakes and corns snakes. I just find that kings and corns are somewhat inquisitive (at least the ones I have had) so that is why I love them. Kings are also basically garbage disposals and will rarely ever turn down food

mexican black kingsnakes are my fave.

I’ve owned MBK’s, they are quite a cool species I’d agree.


Totally! I love balls for their docile nature and possible color creations.
King snakes truly are garbage disposals, like I found boas to be.

Thanks for bringing up these species everyone, I’m starting to think of Colubrids a little more now to add to my collection.
I’ve always been a Boidae fan, but definitely have to revisit the thought of the Colubrids.

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