Feeding Cresties

Hi! I was wondering about what everyone feeds their cresties. What mixes and where you get them, add ons, etc. I have a small 8mo normal, I dont know how many grams she is, but shes on the thinner side.

Here she is, about a week or 2 ago. Her name is Falsies.

Id say shes only 2 or 3 inches long.

She has very little interest in pangea breeding and growth. She likes crickets but they dont have much nutritional value. I calcium coat them and dip them in the mix but it doesnt seem like enough.

Other baby gecko is doing great! He eats about half a tsp a day. But id like to beef up his food too. He doesnt really like crickets.

Theyre both in I believe 15qt bins for now. I tried a 20gal long converted upright for the normal but she wasnt finding the food.

Thank you!!
Pics of baby boy geck, these are from when I got him, the stuck eyelashes shed are coming off slowly. His name is Glue.


Very cute cresties :heart: ! I was having trouble with my little crestie not eating enough too. I use Pangea Insects MRP, Fig and Insects, Watermelon, Growth and Breeding, and Repashy MRP. If you freeze them in glass jars, they will last a really long time.

He ate all of these, but just not enough. Now with the helpful suggestions of some other people on here he is eating great. What I recommend doing is buying Repashy Banana Cream pie, and 100% natural organic bee pollen.

Banana Cream pie is a great mix-in and not a diet. And bee pollen is addicting to cresties so be sure not to do that to often. I can noticably tell that he eats more whenever I add either of these in. You might find some helpful tips here. Good luck to both of your beauties :blush:


Cute cresties :relaxed:

Yes your answer is probably in the above link so definitely worth a read!

Reptile safe bee pollen is great at enticing geckos, but is addictive if fed too much or too often.

Wax worms fed as a treat only might help, they are fatty and suffice also, but a huge fav with my geckos.

I mostly use repashy (variety of flavours) as has slightly more nutritional value, but I do mix in with pangea. I mix the flavours all the time & recommend it. I don’t use bee pollen ATM as I buy reptile supplies which already contains bee pollen. However I will be looking to purchase some at some point as my babies are slow eaters ATM

What’s the temp & humidity?

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She looks lovely and healthy actually!

Mine love Pangea fig and insect the most of day, but I do switch up flavours.
Also crickets are GREAT for Cresties. I feed them some veg etc so they’ve eaten too before feeding to Cresties. They get crickets 2/3 times a week. And Pangea ever other day. Assuming that’s what you’re doing also?


1/2 tsp pangea offered daily, and some small fruit cubes, like 2 per geck. 4-10 insects offered once a week. They slammed some superworms today, I know not to feed mealworms though. Ill have to get some bee pollen! And good, these 2 are my firsts. The normals breeder actually blocked my number lol, they said she looked dehydrated so I was giving weekly updates. Which is why I was worried. Temp is the same as my house 70-75°f. They dont have hygrometers yet, ordering those today actually. But id say around the same as my ball python, so 50-70% depending on the time of day. They get misted twice a day as well.

Whats the opinion on giving them standing water? Ive heard they wont drink it.

I won’t feed my cresties super worms as don’t of mine were unable to digest them and they came out the other end alive! Hate to think the damage they can cause inside a Gecko :scream:

Not sure what fruit cubes are but if they are homemade with just fruit and no additives then that should be fine, depending on flavours as don’t fruit is bad for cresties.

If digest upping the humidity a little as 50% is too low for cresties on a regular basis.

Hygrometers are great to help, but they don’t last long. Couple of mine stopped working after a year, but still in the enclosure lol

I offer all my cresties water bowls, even the babies. Some drink it, others don’t, but it helps keeping humidity up anyway

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Are you hand feeding?
And what’s fruit cubes?

I don’t give a water bowl but that’s because I tried and wasn’t touched or mud was dug in it :sweat_smile:
But mist 2/3 times a day.


This is just a mood with any of this silly critters :joy: my hermit crab has 2 nice deep water bowls for fresh and salt water, and the amount of times I’ve caught him red clawed just SCOOPING substrate into them is insane. And its not him trying to build up a stairway or escape route, I checked by putting ladders in! He just scoops dirt in and freezes if I walk by when he does it! :joy:


I swear some like to annoy us!
The ackies… don’t get me started on them! They clearly don’t need or even like water! :rofl:


I offer mine standing water. I have a little cup of it by the food for drinking, which I see him use, and I have a dish down in the bottom which I sometimes see him bath in. I think he likes it very much. Obviously its uneeded if your misting the cage every day (which I do) but I just think my gecko likes it.


Theyre like a vaccum sealed pack for the super worms, so theyre super soft. And the fruit cubes are a treat I found at petco, ill have to search the ingredients.

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Hand feeding the insects yes, not positive whats in the cubes but ill check

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How deep for the water bowl? Ive heard they cant swim and may drown

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I wouldn’t go for deep as much as surface area. Maybe a 1/4 inch deep or even less. They actually do swim, and mine definitely enjoys it. BTW they even float on top the water, kinda cool :wink:

I’ll sometimes watch mine, they’re really adorable :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thats so cute!! I about freaked when I got Falsies, my brother put her in her tank because she arrived while I was at work. He put this HUGE bowl of water in with her. :rofl::rofl:

Heres the superworm pack

I couldnt find the exact fruit cube pack, but a similar one says its just fruit and calcium. I threw away the packaging :woman_facepalming:

I ordered some bee pollen, repashy banana cream, and another flavor of pangea. Were gonna try the papaya. Little normal gal still isnt eating as much as id like. The other one eats great! Not a fan of insects but he loves the pangea.

Should I order a scale?

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Also, im sure its above 50. Right now bp is at 90 :") oops. Taking some tape off the top now to air it out in there.

But ive never had issues with hygrometers :(( that sucks. Even the cheap ones compare relatively well, if not completely accurate.

Forgot to mention! Little guy has a heat pad set to 75. It doesnt really get into the tub well, so id say the heat the geck is actually getting is around 65-70. Hes super super small and I dont want him to get cold.

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The fruit-eating bites look fine. As long as they don’t have bad ingredients and stuff. I’m not a pro :wink: Petmountain does carry good products. You know, I thought about ordering a scale, but then they just grow all the sudden, and you don’t really need one. I did already have a gram scale just not accurate.

I thought about getting one for the bp, shes a bad eater sometimes.

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If you’re talking 65-70Fahrenheit that’s too cold. It should reach a minimum of 65F at night, and about 76F during the day. Heat definitely affects their growth.