Feeding Schedule for Hognose

Does anyone have any recommendations for Hognose feeding that covers rodent size and feeding schedule based on snake weight?

I am new to keeping hognose snakes and most of the information I found on feeding refers to juvenile, sub-adult and adult. I am not even sure what differentiates a juvenile, sub-adult and adult. Personally I prefer to feed based on weight. I currently have 2 hognose that are a little over a year old and weigh around 60 grams. I feed them 1 fuzzy mouse every 4-5 days. Some that have seen them told me my male looks fat and my female looks skinny! The male is the Albino conda (60g) the female it the axanthic (58g). Any thoughts or opinions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I usually do as followed

Hatchling up to 25 grams every 3 to 4 days

Animal 25 to 100 grams every 5 days

After that once a week until 2 months before cooling when I increase to every 5 days.

At 50/60 grams I also do not feed fuzzy but I feed hopper.


Are you sure your female is a female?

Once my males get around 60 grams I usually scale back from every 4-5 days to a fuzzy once a week or so. A few of my bigger males prefer hoppers every 10 days. My females typically move up to hoppers around 50 grams and medium mice at around 120 grams, usually every 4-5 days, but I adjust size and frequency some for each individual based on how their proportions look.

Thanks for the feedback from you and Stewart. So it sounds like I could move up to hoppers and feed the male less often and the female 4-5 days? She was sold to me as a female and there is quite a bit of difference in the tapper of her tail, it is much more abrupt then the Albino.
Better image:

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Can you show the tail from this angle

Sure, I can do that. She is extremely calm. I will have to wait until this evening……I am work….working hard :wink:

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My data set is small, only have 3 hognose snakes and my experience with them is less than a year. I think the axanthic is a female based off of these pictures. Agree…disagree? So a female at 60 grams 1 hopper every 4-5 days should be good and the male 1 hopper every 10 days or a fuzzy once a week?

Definitely female!

Agreed on female. Ya, take her up to hoppers.

The male seems fine from the picture but if you are worried just switch to once a week fuzzies for a bit and see how it goes. I’ve tried many different frequencies and sizes over the years and they all seem to work to some degree! Just when you think you’ve found the perfect formula an individual animal will buck the trend.


Silly question. Whats a hopper? I purchase my f/t online and the options are:
Large Fuzzy mice WEIGHT 4.50 to 6.99 Grams or
Small Mice WEIGHT 7.00 to-12.99 Grams. Would one of these be considered a hopper?

Small mouse.

Thank you.

What’s the longest time you’ve had a hognose go on a food strike? Is it more common with males or females?

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It is more common with male which is why as pets I always recommend female instead.

I had one of my male go off feed for 4 months.


Do you think its more common for males due to wanting to breed? My male, who is a little over a year old, stopped eating, his last meal was on Aug. 19th. He also went from being active in the mornings and evenings to being constantly being on the prowl. Weird thing is, the last couple of times I checked his weight it hasn’t changed.

It’s more of a general behaviour with males they tend to be more finicky and will tend to skips meals even very young ones…

Females a lot more consistent when it comes to feeding.

Not sure how you keep him but I would try to have him in something very compact for a while like a 6 quarts tub, see if it makes a difference.


Thought about doing that, also thought about moving him to a separate room, away from the ladies.

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It could be a good idea the next step if all that does not work I would cool him down (put him in brumation) and see how it goes assuming he has a good body weight of course.

Not sure if this should be a new thread or not? The male Hognose who stopped eating is doing this weird twitching thing now. 1st time I was holding him I thought I was imagining it, second time I realized I wasn’t imagining it, third time….I’m posting on the forum. The Twitching only last for a few seconds and he seems fine otherwise. I noticed it one other time when he was in his bin and not being held. Is this related to wanting to breed or is this something I need to worry about?

When breeding they do twitch however I would need to see it to see if it resemble a breeding behaviour twitch vs something else, I never seen one of my males doing unless being with a female however does does not mean it can’t happen.