First Clutch has shed! ID help?

Alright, so all 11 of the babies have finally had their first sheds! I feel like I know what most of them are, but I want to double check and make sure that I’m right. I will number the babies, so just put the number of the one that you think is wrong and then tell me what you believe it actually is.
Mom was a Mojave Vanilla Sulfur and I paired her to a Firefly Butter Enchi and a Pastel possible Chocolate Desert Ghost pos het OG and Caramel Albino, though I am pretty sure that the Firefly Butter Enchi ended up being the dad.

Parent Pics:

#1 and #2 Sulfur/Vanillas:

#3 Pastel Sulfur/Vanilla:

#4 Mojave Sulfur/Vanilla:

#5 Mojave Enchi Sulfur/Vanilla or Butter Sulfur/Vanilla:

#6 and #7 Pastave Sulfur/Vanillas:

#8 BEL Sulfur/Vanilla:

#9 #10 and #11 Sulfur Fires:

All in all, I feel pretty good about what I got! I was expecting to get a bunch of white snakes, but I do like that I got a variety of different morphs.


#5 is Butter Sulfur or Vanilla

#9 and #10 are BlkEL (Sulfur/Fire) Butter or Mojave possible Pastel


Thanks! I had a feeling that #5 was a Butter and not Mojave but I wasn’t sure. How can you tell that #9 and #10 have Butter or Mojave and maybe Pastel? Is it because of how clean they are?

This is just a stunning snake. I’m in love.

Also just wanted to say congrats on this large clutch. I think it’s amazing you’ve been able to ID most of them, but still asked for a second opinion. I wouldn’t know where to ever start ha-ha

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Pretty much, yeah. Fire/Sulfurs tend to have higher expression of the yellow saddles, like animal #11. Throwing in the hetBluEL has a synergistic effect (two pigment disruption pathways expressed in tandem) so it obliterated the saddles and gives you high-/all-white BlkELs.

And the “maybe Pastel” is because who knows what else and all white snake might be hiding? :joy:


Thank you, I love that one as well! I looked up different Mojave and Butter combos on Morphmarket and that really helped me ID them, plus it helped to know that everything would at least have Sulfur or Vanilla from the mom.

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I gotcha, that makes sense. I do have a blacklight that I used to try and see any hidden pattern on them, but I couldn’t really make out anything. I might upload pictures of them with the blacklight, maybe someone can see something that I can’t.

Blacklights are hard with the BlkELs. I had a SuperFire poss SuperPastel, poss Pastel, poss YB… I lit her up so many times I am surprised she did not start glowing on her own. I saw “shadows” of things I thought might be indicative of patterning but never could really make out anything definitive.

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