First Clutch - Please help Identify - I'm stumped

Hi all
So finally my first clutch has hatched - 60 days later I have to add.
The pairing was:
Sire: Cinnamon Pastel Hidden Gene Woma
Dam: Leopard Spider
She laid 5 eggs and all 5 hatched…so happy.

I am posting pics of mom and dad as well as the 5 hatchlings, any help with identifying would help so much.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who assisted me with all my questions during the incubation process and all their guidance, thanks to all of you I have these wonderful hatchlings. If you need anymore pics I will gladly post more if it will help with the Id


Damn, this seems like a really difficult clutch.
These are just guesses.

  1. Cinnamon HGW (maybe Pastel considering how bright it is)

  2. Pastel Spider HGW (maaaaaaaaaybe leopard)

  3. This looks like a Sterling (Super Pastel Cinnamon), but that would mean the sire had Pastel aswel :thinking:

  4. Pastel Leopard

  5. Pastel Leopard HGW

Thanks so much. According to the breeder I bought them from, the female is only Leopard Spider and the male is Cinnamon Pastel Hidden Gene Woma.
Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

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Some of these are pretty unique.
My thoughts.

  1. Cinnamon HGW
  2. Pastel HGW Spider Leopard
  3. Pewter probable Leopard I think
  4. Leopard Spider, that one is kinda dull I think to be Pastel and could be a low expression Spider.
  5. Leopard Pastel HGW

Nice clutch.

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Thanks so much, really appreciate it.
Yeah and can you believe it is my first ever clutch. Whoop whoop


Congrats on your first clutch, damn good way to start.

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Yeah, I am super stoked. 2 more clutches in the Incubator and 3 more to come soon


@eaglereptiles I’ve seen this male before! :fire: and that is definitely a sterling


He is crazy dark. He could really push some “black snake” projects along.

Awesome, so this means that my female also has Pastel, I was told she is only a Leopard Spider, but if that is a Sterling, then she has to have Pastel as well.

Can you perhaps give your take on the id of the hatchlings please

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Yeah, I asked on here for Id of his genes, as I wasn’t sure if he had Pastel

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He is a really unique guy, I would really have doubted the pastel if it wasn’t for the babies.

Do you have plans for the future for him?

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Do you think the hatchling is only Super Pastel Cinnamon or is there something else, especially with the stripe?

To be dead honest, I didn’t, but he has shocked me so much with this clutch, I definately will have to rework some projects. Any suggestions?

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Do you have more pictures? Hgw causes striping.

@ I have a dark pewter too! Mines pewter red gene but pewter can be dark


I am posting some different pics of the hatchlings, just to help with the id.


That is one awesome BP

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This is completely based on the animals I would like to create with that guy. GHI Pastel Lavender.

The pastel will give you more chances at sterling.

Ghi will give you some crazy dark snakes with silvery dorsal stripes.

But you could choose a lot of girls for this guy that will give you amazing clutches.

Everything will be het Lav. The darker the genes involved, the brighter the lavender shows, these would be :fire::fire:.


I have done quite a bit of research on HGW, but I don’t see a lot of pics of BP’s with the gene, even on World of Ball Pythons site, it is very limited.