First ever crestie pair for Inspiration Exotics

Just wanted to share! I’ve been growing up some cresties for the last couple of years, and finally paired and got my first set of fertile eggs this season! I’m super excited about it - these two were meant to be paired from when I first got them.

Ketterdam, produced by Gecko Barracks out of Boomerang X Venus

And Mozart, produced by Rockstar Geckos out of Slayer X Nirvana


Congrats on your first set of fertile eggs :egg:

I’m sure you’ll get some lovely dark base Cresties :grin:


I wanted to share now that, as of yesterday, we have the first hatchlings! Both are gorgeous and one especially looks like it could be a really nicely patterned tri already.

1st baby:

2nd baby:

I will update of course, I’ma couple of weeks after they’ve shed and begun to eat!


Very cute babies, congrats :relaxed:


I wanted to post an update! These two are out, healthy, eating, and just had their second shed!

Hatchling 1:

Hatchling 2:

The first one really has me in awe! The only thing that would have made it better is a full pinstripe.


I like the first one best too :star_struck:


My second set hatched today while I was at Schaumburg! Just quick pictures, but the second little one is gorgeous.

But what has me chuckling is the frogbutt. I was worried when I first opened the incubation tray that maybe its sibling had bit off its tail already, but on closer inspection apparently it decided its EGG was a threat and dropped the tail in the process of climbing out of the egg. :joy:


Those babies are super cute! Just for clarification, the “ring” around the nose is the first shed, right? Most of my more recent babies have had that when they were out of the egg and I just wanted clarification.

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Yep! My last two didn’t start until a day or so after hatching, but both of these already have the skin on the nose pulling back already.


These are not by any means great pictures, but these are the 4 I currently have!






Little cuties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wanted to post an update! I now have six hatchlings from this pair and I’m so thrilled. First two were the first hatched and are now in the 3g range. Middle two were the second hatched and seem to be growing a little slower. Last two hatched yesterday and are gorgeous and massive - they weighed out at 2.06 and 2.07g respectively, less than 6 hours out of the egg.





KeMz2205 (hatched yesterday!)

KeMz2206 (hatched yesterday)


Looking good! First one is a keeper for sure! :black_heart:

My biggest hatchling was 3+ grams :laughing:
She was a monster and grew big quick!
I never weigh hatchlings but when she hatched out huge I had to check!

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They are all amazing. I also really like the first one, so close to fill pin!

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I’m in love with the first one, and number 05 as well. Can’t believe how big they are though! And such variation, since the previous two hatched out around 1.2-1.3g. 01 is barely 3.5g, so I can’t wait to see how the colors keep maturing.


Defo update the threads! I love seeing progression threads :black_heart:


Hi y’all! I got some nice pics of almost everyone yesterday, so figured I’d post a quick update! I’m adding more pictures to these as offspring groups on my page, if anyone wants to look at them more individually!




2204 (I know next to nothing about lavender but it sure looks lavender)

2205 (sorry for the bad lighting, these two were in shed so these are earlier pictures!)

2206 (also bad lighting. little portholes?)

2207 (hatched a couple days ago!)

2208 (hatched a couple days ago, still shedding)

I also have three from the same sire and a dark orange/red mardis gras female from Fringemorphs. The goal was to get a red base like mom with dad’s gorgeous harley pattern. The first hatched a month ago, the second is one of the two that hatched yesterday! The other was angry, so I elected not to bother it, lol.

Let me know what y’all think! Honestly, I’m thrilled with this season so far. I didn’t expect 8 healthy hatchlings from my first-time breeder girl, much less such pretty ones.


Congrats, that’s really good from a first time breeder. I breed vanilla for first time this year and she has done me proud so far.

Not sure if their is lavender, but definitely something to look out for.

You’ve got some really nice contrasts there :+1:

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The really light lavender one also has a lot of pattern coming in, so I’ll be excited to see how that one grows.

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I also got some updated pictures of the adults! The sire for all hatchlings this season:

Ketterdam (dam for the first 8 kiddos)

And Molly, Dam for the most recent three kiddos. She’ll be paired for dal projects next year.