First time snake owner, wanting a little more info on my florida king

Hey all. My gf @soybeanexpert joined this forum earlier to ask about her corn, and she said this seemed like a good forum to be on, so here i am.

Can anyone tell me what morph my Florida king is? I was told he was a hypo florida king, but is that it or is there more? Im obviously new to all this morph stuff, but ill do my best to understand, lol.

The local reptile store said he is the best eater they had, and BOY they were NOT kidding LOL. I got him last tuesday, and he has already eaten FOUR frozen pinkies and even ate a live fuzzy earlier today! I think he is gonna grow quick. The day i got him he had just started going into shed, and 2 days later he was done shedding. Following day after shed he ate two pinkies. Yesterday he ate another two frozen pinkies and he still seemed hungry, so today i figured id try feeding him a live fuzzy. If he didnt eat it or if it was too big, it would have gone to the corn snake so it wouldnt be wasted. But my little man DEVOURED the entire thing. I was kind of surprised, but then again they said he was a good eater.

Also, is it bad to give a snake food that might be a little too big? Can it possibly hurt the snake?

My GF’s post: Need help figuring out my corn snakes morph

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Welcome! I think Hypo is the right morph. What a beauty. You don’t want to feed as much as they want to eat. I’d give him a mouse just slightly wider than him ever 7 days until he’s eating large adult mice. Then reevaluate.


Okay. Do you think i should stick to just one pinky or two?

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A single prey item is cheaper. I prefer that. And the more mature the mouse, the more nutritious it is (to a point). So I’d advise singles unless you have smaller sizes to use up.

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Okay cool. Thanks.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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