Fraud concerns using Cash app?

Has anyone ever had any problems with a fraudster using CashApp or with getting a payment back in such a circumstance?

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I personally haven’t dealt with it, but on the FBI groups on FB, they usually tend to advise people to avoid transactions regarding Cash App, but it’s your best judgment and gut feeling.


Haven’t used cashapp personally but have heard a fair amount of new scams that have been using it. I would just try to stay away from it personally.

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MorphMarket doesn’t recommend these types of methods if they don’t have payment protection, unless you really trust the seller.


I have it was horrible wasn’t for a snake it was for a sphinx hairless midget cat and I sent the deposit through cash app and the dude ghosted me and I tried to get it back cuz it was a scam and no no luck so I was out like 600 bucks for the deposit I only use PayPal because it’s legit a receipt and they have fraud protection


I would stick to paypal. Some sellers will request friends and family to avoid the fee, but usually have no problem if you offer to cover the fee doing it as a business transaction. That being said, paypal tends to refund first, ask questions later, so some will refuse to do anything but F & F due to being burned before. Its a judgement call really, use reviews and FBI pages to get an idea of the integrity of the person you are buying from if you are going to go protection free. For smaller less known ones, id recommend finding somebody who will let you pay the fee and use buyer protection. For larger breeders with alot of positive feedback, the likely of them scamming you is close to 0, but never 0.

Best judgement in all things.