Free Dubia colony- Pacific Northwest

I live in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. I have major physical disabilities (plus I’m moving soon-ish), and the Dubia colony that I successfully created has gotten too large for me to maintain. You can read about the creation of my colony HERE.

I am looking for someone who is willing to take it off my hands (for free- no money or trading involved). I’d need someone to drive to my apartment, and bring their own tub to house them in. They are currently in a 95 quart, Rubbermaid latching storage box.

I cannot deliver, so I need someone who is able to come to my house. I’ll ask you to wait outside my apartment and masked because of covid-19 & my health problems. Then I’ll transfer the roaches and their egg crates into the tub you provide.

I need to keep my tub, the cardboard divider, and the water & food dishes, so I can’t give you everything the roaches will need- you will need to be ready with food and water crystals for them. But, if needed, I don’t mind sending a little bit of maintenance (not gutloading) food with them that should last them a couple days.

Please message me if you are interested. Legit reptile rescues get first dibbs, so I will wait a few days to see if any contact me. If no charities/rescues are interested, then it will be first come, first served. Also, I may not get back to you right away as I have a pretty nocturnal sleep cycle.


  • (1) I have cleared this in advance with forum staff. As there will be no money or trading, and I’m giving it away for free, it does not violate any guidelines.
  • (2) Dubia roaches can cause allergic reactions in people with allergies to shellfish, and can also cause those allergies to develop after long term exposure . When working with Dubia, I recommend always wearing a mask & gloves.

Final call! :sailboat: If you’re interested in this dubia colony please message me within the next few days. If I do not hear from anyone I will use Craigslist.