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Do we have FAQ?
i clicked on FAQ tags and there were only 4 topics.
Cant easily find a link at the usual places, like bottom of the forums. that just has a few more topics.
FAQ is usually not just topics raised but a sort of instruction manual.
Is what i am looking for somewhere else? or called something different?
For example. I wanted to make a poll. it took me months since I first joined to find out we could make a poll. Then only because I randomly saw one and asked the Poll creator how to do it.

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There is something like this already: Frequently Asked Questions. However it doesn’t have a ton of questions. However I also found the hosting softwares faq which is very plentiful.


We also have the #how-to tag which has a couple of extra tips… but your right, we should add more to the FAQs.

I feel like you are missing the footer at the bottom of your screen…?


Thanks erie-herps I had already found the Frequently Asked Questions, But the other link has some extra tips :+1:

@eaglereptiles Thanks a lot, there are a couple of extra tips there.

A bit more for key areas would be nice :slight_smile: It would save checking a number of different areas for information.
But it might be me. I haven’t used forums for some years.