Future Pet Projects (Feedback Helpful!)

Hey all!

Some of you know me on here, and I wanted to list what my current hopes for my herp future look like so I can get feedback and document things!

The first herp I can see myself being able to get as an “adult” is a crestie, since it will require less space, more easily procured and kept food, minimal heating/lighting, etc.

After that, based on cost, space, experience, etc, here is my current list (in approximate planned purchase order) of collection animals.

  • Crested geckos (possible breeding project, more than one regardless)
  • BCI boa (@lumpy is going to be my starter guy!)
  • Rainbow boa

I’m also interested in keeping potentially the following:

  • kingsnake (I love the look of either MBKs or BW Calis)
  • ratsnake
  • potentially a mounring gecko vivarium

I’d love feedback, thoughts, and suggestions!


Sounds like you already have a great plan.

One of my first 3 snakes was an albino cal king. They are feisty and great for when your other snakes turn their noses up at mealtime. Hahah.
The only downside is how musky they can be as babies, but with some work they tame down after a while.

I think cresties are great. The worst I’ve really experienced with them (and this is mostly from my time working pet store) is that the young ones do sometimes need some coddling the first few days. Sometimes they stress and won’t eat or can dehydrate quickly. I feel like with the right setup and a quality breeder this won’t be an issue for you though. I unfortunately had wholesale breeder and employees who didn’t understand to most 2x a day because our habitats would dry.

Ratsnakes feel like the halfway point between corn and king to me, still a great choice.
Mournings seem really fun and is something I would love to do one day.
Boas in general just haven’t really been ones I was actively pursuing, but rainbow boas look so good. I am a sucker for the whites. They just shine. I’ll live vicariously through you for boa times. Hahah

I’ve personally been eyeing some smaller monitor species for when I have more space. I think my BP breeding plans and now my new SD Retics have officially maxed out what I have available.
CB red eyed croc skinks are becoming more available now and that’s another one I’ve been considering in the future.
Everyone can have such different tastes though so it’s a good thing there’s so much variety in the hobby. Hahah.


Honestly this is so good and so bad because every time I I make up my mind, I find a new species or morph that catches my eye :joy: :joy:


I definitely recommend a BI. I just got my first a couple weeks ago and she already has the most wonderful temperament. Definitely the calmest, least fearful, and easiest to handle of any of my snakes upon arrival. My other two snakes (blood python and KSB) are also wonderful, but they definitely took a little more work to get them comfortable with handling.

Blood pythons/other STPs are great and, in my opinion, underrated. You get the girth of a giant constrictor in a totally manageable length! Plus they’re beautiful. And despite their nasty reputation, if they’re well-socialized as babies, they can be wonderful to handle. Granted, I only have one, so my sample size is small, but she’s a doll. So personable and inquisitive. She was a bit nervous and hissy/strikey as a baby, but she calmed down after just a few handling sessions and has grown into a very sweet subadult.

The small boa species, like sand boas and rosy boas, are great. Small adult size, so they don’t require much space, very hardy, great eaters, and have beautiful colours. I love my sand boa. My girl is a large middle-aged female, and she’s not even 3’, so they’re a great species if you’re looking for something on the smaller side. I don’t have a rosy, but I love the look of them, and it seems like the people who have them really enjoy them (though they seem more likely to try to eat you than a sand boa :joy:).

House snakes are another great smaller species. I’d love to have one some day. I’ve heard people compare them to tiny retics in terms of temperament and intelligence.

Hognose snakes are adorable. Hard to go wrong with those little drama queens.

If you like cresties, you might also look into Chahoua and/or gargoyle geckos. As I understand it, their care is very similar to cresties and they’re similar in size. If you want something bigger, you could look into Leachies. I love those guys.

Cave geckos are beautiful, though I don’t know that much about their care.


I feel this. I’m getting pretty low on space already, and there are still like 20+ species I would love to have. Just gotta win the lottery first…


I adore the look of blood pythons, genuinely the only reason they aren’t on my ‘for sure’ list is the liquid urine and the concerns of that with a bioactive enclosure


I can’t speak to how they do with bioactive, since I didn’t go bio with my girl, but the liquid urine really isn’t that big a deal in a non-bio setup.


Very good to know, thank you!


Potato was very disappointing by this list


GASP Oh my gosh you’re so right, I absolutely need my own potato one day!
Did you get him as a baby or a subadult?


Also I should totally honor Potato when I get my own BTS and name it something like…yams…spud :thinking: :joy:


Oh yes! You can count on it, for sure. You will not regret it or understand why you don’t have two or three lol :joy:. I am happy that you definitely see one in your future and I couldn’t be more happy to have it coming from me.


Baked potato, fries, hash brown, twice baked lol :joy:.



And yes I am BEYOND excited to have a baby boa from you! I’ll have to name it in some way to honor you, but I can’t stick such a magnificent creature with Lumpy :joy: and I don’t give pets human names so Riley wouldn’t be likely :thinking:


Lol, not BTS… But I have a small group of female rats named Potat, Tater, Pancake and Waffle. Lol.


lol I did :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

One of my dogs is Jersey aka Lumpy or Mr. Lumps. That is where my tag name comes from :joy::joy:


I understand that, I think that you will know in time. Whatever you name her, I will absolutely love it.


I’m already brainstorming names with my bf and he’s like ?? we don’t even have the snake??

Let me DREAM :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Definitely! Be a dreamer @cmills!


I think I’ve got it! Cici/CeeCee - the verbal form of CC…for christian constrictors!