Future projects?

Hello, I’ve been here for a while and noticed that alot of you guys in here are experts and have lots of knowledge about genes mutations and all, which is amazing, so im really curious to know which are your projects for now, or which mutation combo are you trying to reach? Since Im a newbie and already have 7 snakes now imagine you all haha :flushed:


I have a variety of things I hope to produce in the future, but my current main project is lava shatter, eventually with stripe or tessera as well. I also love testing pos hets, so I have several snakes that don’t have a specific goal in mind, I just want to see what they’ll make. And then I have one pair of het scaleless to eventually make myself a scaleless. And a small group of pos het palmettos.


Currently working my way towards visual Palmettos, then this year I had a clutch with strange hatchlings out of a Tessera pairing that I’ve held back 1/3 of that clutch to work out what was going on. A few other projects in the works, but I don’t like to give myself too many goals to hit at once. My overarching project is temperament/behavior based so not reliant on morphs per se.


Ah, @ricardondo, you don’t know the danger you’ve put yourself into, asking such a question. @bughunter posted this in the “Lighten the Mood” thread a while back. I don’t look at all like this guy, but I AM this guy. Yeah, I have plans.

To actually answer your question, I’ve worked with Stripes since I started, along with some Caramel things. Clean stripes and Cubes in various flavors have been and remain a goal. I rethought and reinvested in 2021, and most of those little darlings have been becoming bigger darlings. They’ll mostly be ready to make their first babies next year. These include Strawberry, Lavender, Halo, and Peach with a sprinkling of Red Factor. Halo was sort of an organic change after I realized it was in my collection. I’ve done a lot with education, and behavior is a big focus here, too. My mom used to tell me, “Pretty is as pretty does.” I agree.


Oh thats complex! Sounds like a beautiful plan! And I sure bet breeding pos hets might be fun, sounds exciting as well. Also might increase the value of the snake! My plans are for now to breed a Tessera Snow Hypo with a Tessera Anery Het Amel Het Hypo, the outcome will be a complicated mess of genes so im really curious to see how is it gonna turn out!
I also have a baby Palmetto male, with normal looking eyes, also forward to make an Amel Palmetto or even with the tessera gene.
But for now I dont have any more interesting genes like lava or sunkissed haha


I love palmettos hahah and of course of course, one thing at a time. Might those tesseras be Super Tessera? They say there is no visual difference haha. By the way, about tessera, I have a girl Snow Tessera and her tessera line is a very thin, complete line from neck go tail, really nice thin and clean. And I have a boy, and his tessera line is a thick broken line, if I pair these two snakes, will they sort of merge or what? Because I have never heard of different tessera genes, so not sure what would happen here!

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I imagine myself doing that exact face :joy::joy:, I also bet I look like that while explaining my plans haha. The lavender gene is a gene I really admire not gonna lie, as well as the caramel, Its something I would like to do in the future. Lavender with caramel gene and maybe something red as well. Sounds beautiful!

By the way as you worked with stripes, one of my snakes is an Amel that shows to have motley and stripe genes, clear white belly and a nice line that follows on his sides from head to tail, just to clarify, his genes are actually Het Motley Het Stripe right?

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Wouldn’t be possible from the pairing (Ultramel Anery Tessera x Ghost Motley-Stripe w/ other hets & pos hets). I have a thread about my season, if you’re interested. The babies I’m keeping are all banded or expressing interesting coloration that shouldn’t necessarily have been there.

As long as they’re both Tesseras, you’ll get different variations of back striping. The female Ultramel Anery I paired this year has a mostly solid line down the back, except for a singular broken spot on her tail by her cloaca. The Tesseras she produced are a little bit of everything, some with near solid markings, others with very broken lines.