General inquiry vs inquiring about a specific animal [DONE]

I would love if MorphMarket could add a feature to message a seller directly, instead of inquiring through a specific animal’s ad. I have occasionally needed to contact a seller, but not about buying their animal and the only way to do it is by clicking inquire on one of their ads. I dislike having to do that because it feels misleading. So it would be great to have a ‘contact seller’ button on their store page or something similar.


So technically you can do this now, but its a bit of a hidden feature at the moment :wink:

It’s easy to do, however, we fear it could be abused, so it’s not as easy as pressing the inquire button is just yet.

  1. If you head over to your messages in the browser, you will see

  2. Add a / and the username of the person you wish to message. will start a new message between us two for example.


Oh I like this :wink:. Good one Thomas!