Genetic Testing Now Available!

Exactly a month ago, we announced our partnership with Rare Genetics Inc. to bring you reliable and affordable genetic testing for your reptiles.

Great news – IT’S READY!

Click here to see currently available tests, prices, FAQ’s and to place orders.

This testing is useful in so many ways:

  • Save years of time by immediately proving your breeders
  • Increase your sales by selling Pos Hets as 100% Het
  • Verify that your purchases were advertised correctly
  • Discover genes in your lines that you didn’t even know about
  • Distinguish between incomplete dominants like Asphalt/Gravel/YB in the future
  • Find out if your pet is a boy or girl

Please let us know if you have any questions not answered on the FAQ’s.


Awesome, I know its available in the USA, but is this available in the uK yet ?

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I don’t think they have a lab over there, but if you sent the shed(s) overseas then you would still be able to utilize the service.


RGI Genetic Tests for Reptiles - MorphMarket

Are these tests available outside the United States?
We are happy to serve international customers, but each country regulates the export of sheds differently. If you can find out how to get the sheds to the US legally, we will run the tests!”


Anyone know if the status Paid: Pending Shed actually updates once the envelope with order ID on it shows up there? Just wondering how long until I should worry if it got there or not.


It indeed does update to Shed Received.

Right now you shouldn’t panic at all, RGI is going to be cataloging all sheds received this week, and you should get a notification.

If you dont by next Monday send an email to with your Order Code and it will be looked into.

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Mine just updated this morning:

I’ve heard it’s about an 8 - 10 week turnaround for results.

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Same here.

Well darn, I suppose I’ll still need to start the pairings I was hoping to eliminate if not the test results I want.

Definitely wasn’t panicking - was only curious if it was actually reporting on receipt of the envelope, or when someone catches up recording that they came. Looks like the latter.

I’m sure @john is already thinking about providing QR codes for the envelope so they can be easily scanned in right on arrival. :wink:


Wen Hypo?.

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To be upfront, we don’t know. The scientists are adding new genes as fast as they can, but we don’t know what order they’re going in or exactly how long each one takes.


Will colubrid genetic testing eventually be available?

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It is more likely than not that at some point test will be made available for some colubrid species in the future.

A timeframe would be near impossible to estimate though.


Will they be announcing on here when more genes are updated on their list?

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Any rough ETA on sexing of Morelia? Or would they fall under “Green Trees”?

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I will do my best to keep on top of it, if RGI dont make an announcement of their own… which i would assume they would.

I cant give any deets at this time on this, sorry.


Is there any update on testing progress? It’s been open for awhile now and I haven’t heard of anyone receiving results yet. I realize there was a huge initial rush but seems like there should be a good number of results sent out based on all the interviews regarding this leading up to launch.

Not trying to be negative, just so excited about this project and anxiously awaiting news.

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I’ve seen Kinova have animals listed as “Proven Not Het through genetic testing” for what that’s worth. He may have already been working with RGI :man_shrugging:

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Its hard to quantify how huge that rush was. While we all knew this would be an amazing addition to the reptile world, it was completely unexpected how many people would actually follow through.

Usually when you advertise something, everyone will jump on the hype train but then only 1/3 will actually be intrested come launch day. That was not the case here. They are swimming in sheds right now.

The noise coming from RGI right now sounds like they should be fully caught up with current tests within a few weeks.

There is a silver lining to this in that they have now been working at full speed since launch and are finessing thier process to make the future as smooth as possible.


Looking to get some animals tested here in the uk, where do we send sheds ???

Looks like as long as you can send your sheds to RGI (located in the US), they can test for you regardless of location. Upon purchasing tests, RGI will send you instructions for how and where to ship your sheds to be tested.