Getting certified to ship

How do you get your own shipping license?

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You get certified through FedEx which means you need to provide them with a box that will be tested and that will demonstatrate that you know how to ship, you will than sign a waiver which relieve FedEx from any responsibility etc.

First step get a fedex account
Second step call Fedex support and ask your rep to call you and ask how to proceed next, this will be the form you will have to fill out.

Nowadays it is a waste with third party companies allowing you to ship under their certification, you will never get near the discounted rate offered by third party companies using your own certification.

I have not used my own account since the first third party company was created, not only because of the discount but also the customer service, FedEx reps are no help when an issue arise.


At this point getting Fed Ex certified isn’t worth the effort. If you want to do it so you have it go for it. I doubt you’ll ever need to use it. If Fed Ex ever decides not allow live animal shipping like UPS did a few years back it won’t matter if your certified or not. I can rember a time when neither UPS or Fed Ex offered live animal shipping it was delta dash to an airport or airborne express which has a very limited delivery area.

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Thank you all for the knowledge, I was just curious about it.

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