Got a new baby

New baby Lucifer has entered the family
(If anyone could tell me what they think he is thatd be very helpful, me and my dad bith believe he is pastel+something else that we have no idea)


Congratulations on your new baby! There will be others to come along with morph ideas but he looks like a normal something……but I am not a breeder so yes there will be other opinions!

Best wishes to you and Lucifer! Come back soon! :blush:


Hi! What a cute little one! Once his period of hands-off time is over, please take some more photos like the post below describes and we’ll (well, not me so much because I am still learning to identify morphs) give you our thoughts on what morph(s) he is! Congratulations!

Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help


Definitely need better pictures. But let it settle in for a week before handing it. Just from this picture, it looks normal. But can’t see most of it to say for sure.