Green tree python for beginners

I have lots of reptiles and have owned reptiles since I was little,I’m looking into getting a green tree python as I have always loved the species and want one very bad and I was wondering if there are some things about them beforehand


I highly recommend this book. It is extremely informative and has lots of fantastic pictures.


Get one from an established private breeder. I’d stick to getting USCB. There are reliable farm raised animals, but USCB would be the route I’d go. Be prepared for sticker shock on USCB vs Farmed. Some additional reading can be had over at the Morelia Viridis Forum, great group of people with many US breeders posting on there. Activity has gotten a bit slow over the years though with Facebook fragmenting many once flourishing forum communities.


Make sure you do plenty of research. With a bio active set up I think it’s easiest to keep them. The plants help with humidity and also a PVC enclosure helps keep heat in.


okay thank you so much !

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thank youu !


Just remember, if you get a baby/juvie not to handle it. Their bones break very easily. Adults are quite delicate too and you can’t forcefully take them from their perches. Never buy a sexed juvie either, as the force required to sex them breaks bones.

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