Has this happened to you? Hope she's not seriously effected

I grabbed about 10 small round hygrometers with adhesive on the back. Pressed them onto the upper corner of the walls of some tubs, about 5 tubs. I heard some rattling around in one of my tubs and when I went to check what it was, of course it was my juvenile 0.1 pastel pied clown poss od (my most expensive pet) with her neck head area attached to about 1.5" further back on her neck with the adhesive back of the hygrometer holding it together… i was shocked as she was obviously terrified and couldn’t get into her hide because of the width of the Guage stuck to her. Im even more concerned because I was already having the absolute most trouble feeding her… so I removed the hygrometer without her biting at me but it was actually a very strong adhesive and took force to pull off her. I will be inspecting her under the magnifying setup in the morning but I just sprayed her with a light mist and let her relax for at least 12 + hours( thats the plan). Kinda angry about this product although I guess its my fault for not using digital sensors exclusively on everything.
From what I could see in the dark room it was irritated at least hopefully nothing too serious or adverse with the chemical in the adhesive…

First off, I’m not judging, just giving advice.

Never put anything sticky in with your animals. Ever. It is just a matter of time before a accident.

I’m glad she came out of it without any major issues :blush:.

Did you dry the spot where you stuck it before hand?
Chances are there was a bit of moisture that kept the adhesive from working properly.
Some adhesive need moisture to work, so it could even have been vice versa and you dried that spot too much… :man_shrugging:

You may find some good information in these threads below…
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Thank you for the links.
Learned a valuable lesson.

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