Hatchling eating problems

I have a baby ball python that hatched june 2 and still hasnt eaten. I have offered multiple mice hoppers and a few pinkies. Any suggestions? I want to save force feeding as a last resort

What are the temps and humidity in the enclosure and do you have a picture?

I have him on paper towel currently. The temps are about 95 hot side 85ish on the cool side. His humidity is around 50-60%

ill send a pic ASAP

He seems hungry and her looking for the mouse but its in front of him and he just wont strike at it

The hot side needs lowered to 88-90°F. Anything over 90°F is too hot.


Thanks, i just went and fixed that, heres a pic

As said already, the hotpot was too hot. I would also black out 3 of the sides and get a better hide. I would use a hide that is closed on 3 sides and is short in height. Think a half tissue box (one of the square ones, the rectangular ones would be too high). You could also use the bottom of a flower pot with an entrance cut out. Check out this tutorial for other ideas that will help. How often are you offering food?


1-2 a week

What side should I leave clear? Front or side?

Only attempt feeding once a week at the least. Feeding them too often will cause stress and decrease their chances of eating. I would leave the front clear but if you wanted to you could cover it will tissue paper so it can’t see out but light can still come in.


Updated pics


That looks great, make sure the ventilation holes aren’t covered and keep us updated the next time you try to feed.

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Thanks for everything. I made sure to punch holes where I had them in the plastic : )


This is all great info. I got my first hatchlings this year (about to have their first shed) so this info will help me too :blush:


Congrats. This was my first hatchling as well :grinning:


Congrats, very pretty :heart_eyes: how many hatchlings so you have?

We have 6 hatchlings so far, but one of them is super under weight as didn’t absorb the yolk… I’m worried about it (it’s been really hot here last few days) but I over worry A LOT :sweat_smile:

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I have 9 in total! I’m so grateful they all hatched without a problem!


They all look so pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just based on what I’ve researched on other threads here regarding hatchling ball pythons with problems eating, and temperatures (definitely too high originally though, 88°F - 92°F should be about basking spot/hot side maximums) with hatchlings, I’d recommend keeping your temperatures for the hatchlings about 80°F-82°F, and you may see a difference in feeding behavior.