Hello from CC (Cassandra Cooper)!

I knew this forum community was a thing for awhile, but apparently never activated my account here. I’ve been active in online forums since 2011, when I got my second snake, a boa constrictor named Cloud Strife. He’s still with me to this day and doing great, even if he looks every bit an old man now.

(This is him, he’s a 7’ 11+ lb beast of a boy.)

He was definitely the one that sparked my obsession with snakes, even though I had had my bp for ~6 years prior. I unfortunately do not have him anymore, but I am glad I have been able to keep Cloud this whole time.

Since 2011, I have had quite a few snakes ranging from garters, BRBs, to a couple retics. As of now, my focus is mainly on boa constrictors. A truly fascinating, and easy to keep and breed species. :grin: There’s just something unique about their build, personalities, and the way they change as they age that just makes them my favorites.

I don’t have many interests or hobbies outside of snakes, but I did used to regularly play Commander MtG! Still have the decks laying around, but sadly many of my old Magic buddies dropped out of the hobby, and then I found it hard to make it to the card shops for the FNMs. Edgar Markov and Teysa, Orzhov Scion are my main go to commandars, though I did start an Oloro, Ageless Ascetic deck. Just haven’t finished it since no one I know plays anymore. :sweat_smile: I have an Arena account, but I just don’t have as much fun in 60 card formats. Plus, I’m a terrible deck builder and struggle on the app. :rofl::rofl: Easier to navigate than Yu-gi-oh!, though! Especially in today’s YGO card climate. :face_exhaling:


Welcome to the community @ccboas! This is a wonderful place to be with great people here and lots to learn about reptiles! You boa is very handsome and the perfect size for any keeper! I love his dark tail coloring!

However you lost me after the first part of your intro here! Lol! But that’s ok Cassandra because I am sure there are plenty of others here who are gamers?

I have to warn you though that if you stick around here for very long this place will grow on you and you will end up with a few more boas and maybe even other types of reptiles! Trust me I am living proof! There is a thread on boas but I don’t know how to paste it here (maybe someone else will) but talk about beauties!
It’s like a boa buffet! Lol! :blush:


You should definitely post some pictures of your lovely boa on here! Welcome to the community!


Thank you @baby_yoda for posting this thread link as I am a bit old school! :joy: However, now YOU will be responsible for Cassandra going “boa” wild! :heart::pray::joy::rofl::joy:


Your not the only on who was lost after the first part :sweat_smile:.
Anyway that is a gorgeous boa you got there @ccboas ! We love pics so… GIVE US MORE!!!


Good Logan! We need to talk about this! Are we missing out on something? Lol!:joy:


Welcome to morphmarket! That is a beautiful boa you have, well done!


Welcome aboard!

We are going to get along well!!


Oh believe me I have boas. :joy::joy: And still have a few more on the way next month. :grin: He’s only one of a couple dozen. :rofl::rofl: I will have to start introducing them, perhaps the mega thread is the place to start? :thinking:


Yes the mega thread would be a great place to start! I can’t wait to see them! :pray::+1::blush: