Hello from Flathead Valley, Montana!

Hi guys! Finally getting around to introducing ourselves around here!

We are Royal Coils Pythons. We are located in gorgeous Somers, MT and our animals are kept and raised right in our home. My fiance and I work together to produce high caliber animals. Up to this point, we have only had common genes available for sale, but we now have some really exciting projects in the works, some of which should be produced this year. Our top projects include Tri-Stripe and “dalmatian” Piebalds, but we have lots of other genes in the works. We aim to offer animals for every price point and we focus on providing lots of education for our customers.

We hope to create change in the way these animals are sold and treated in an effort to increase the quality of care for every animal, regardless of morph or monetary value. It’s the hard road, but being in veterinary med has taught me to value every life and it’s worth it to us to wait for the right homes.

Please enjoy our “Dalmatian” Piebald, Godiva. While we haven’t proven the “dalmatian” part to be genetic yet, her pied daughters are both starting to spot up! Either way, it’s a fun project.


Beautiful pied either way WOW!


Thank you! She is definitely one of my very favorite animals :grin:

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Absolutely gorgeous snake. Any chance we can see her daughter?;

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Welcome to the community! I can’t wait to see more dalmatian piebalds!


Welcome to the family :+1: Dalmatian pieds and her daughter’s have it, too?!? Pics or it didn’t happen! :wink::+1:

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Okay, so here’s how things went down and why we think this line might be genetic. When I got Godiva, she was just a plain Piebald. No spots, nothing crazy going on. Just a high white pied that I had always wanted. This is her as a baby. She didn’t start getting spots until around 3-4 years old.


So we got 2 visual pieds from her. A Black Pastel Pied (I know, hang on) and a Pied, both female. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t chosen Black Pastel since they tend to spot up Pieds anyway, BUT the normal Pied just got her first spot. I don’t have the most recent pics, but I’d be happy to take them once I’m back home. This is the Black Pastel girl showing one of her 3 spots, but I am definitely not riding on this girl to prove it because of the Black Pastel. We originally just wanted to start a Panda Pied project


Okay, here’s the normal girl not too long ago. I didn’t realize she was about the shed, so she’s a little dark in this pic, but again, I’m planning to take update pics. So, yes, only a few meager spots right now, BUT Godiva started out the same way. In fact, these girls are spotting up faster than she did. Either way, I’m excited to see what they do. Godiva is currently pairing with an Orange Dream Coral Glow het Pied so that should produce some fun stuff.


Welcome! I come from Montana as well. From the Billings area though.

What beautiful snakes! I can’t wait to see how the genetic thing plays out in the future with this project. How fun!

Welcome! Really interesting project you’ve got there. I’ve never seen a pied get speckled like that. Makes me immediately think of banana. Obviously those are not bananas but I wonder if the speckles are caused the same way, since they appear with age.

I’ve been wondering the same thing! I’m really curious how this next clutch will turn out. Like what if they have spots on the coral glow part and the white part?! Would be cool!

Some new pics of the girls this morning

This girl has 3 spots, but only 2 are visible here

This girl still just has the one. But Godiva didn’t have any until she was more mature so we’ll just keep watching :blush: