Hello from Louisiana (central)

I’m a 42 year old mother of 2 disabled adult children (20 and 22) I have 4 types of cancer that I have been dealing with since right before COVID destroyed us in 2020.

I have been running my “new age” shop and business since 2003 I have traveled the world for my business and started a wildlife and reptile rescue and a large farm animal rescue in 2010. I’ve been to Botswana, Jordan, Rajasthan, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and all over the USA.

It’s the end of 2022 and I have decided to get into Ball pythons. I’ve had about 36 years experience training horses and rehabilitating reptiles. I used to have red tail boas and figured that ball python morphs are super interesting and I don’t need a license or permit to have them.

My kids are super excited and happy to have snakes, goats, a dog, a turtle, rats and rabbits. LOL

That’s pretty much everything about me that I’m willing to share.

On my business side of things, I make organic, functional green tea, lotions, essential oils, massage oils goat’s milk soaps, crystal and gemstone items. I’m also working on a product geared towards the reptile side of the business, like 100% ALL natural lotion to help with stuck shed that WON’T be harmful or dangerous. Also oils, salves and poultices to help aid in healing wounds like burns, cuts, bites, etc.

Drop your links:

MorphMarket Store: Ravens-Oddities
Facebook: hate it, don’t use it except in emergencies
Instagram:will update this, rarely use it
Youtube: Raven’s Oddities


Hi and welcome, im in the UK, yes far away but we are all one community

Ohh, maybe post here :slight_smile: im interested in your non reptile pets, especially horses.


I have a child with a disability too. I think animals are a tonic for any child, actually any child. Mine are animal lovers.

Yea Im too old to like facebook and Instagram, and my YouTube is just anime but here is my Morphmarket.

Staff, not sure if i can post my shop, if not please just delete that bit only. I cant sell to america anyway


I took a peek at your shop, you have some I’m slightly jealous and your double het girl is insane, kinda sad you can’t sell to the U.SA. I’m going to be starting my project soon focusing on ultra fire ultra yellow belly pieds. (I call them Jack-o’-lanterns).

I’ll post photos of my horses, goats, and other brats including a few of the reptiles I rescued and rehabilitated during my 10 years in Australia.

(Including my favorite shingleback skinks)


Welcome to the family! You should fit right in here. Ive got family all over Louisiana.


It’s a pleasure to meet you and thank you.


You will really love it here! Everyone is super! :blush::wink::lizard::frog::snake:


Welcome to the community.
We would love to see pictures of your animals. One of our threads for sharing your non reptile pets.


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