Hello from MN

Hi everyone, my name’s Kelly and I’m up in northern MN. Until recently I lived in IN, and while I’m very happy to now be much closer to family, I’m a bit sad I probably won’t get to go to Tinley NARBC again. :frowning:

I’m not sure how active I’ll be here since I’m active on a different forum, but I do enjoy browsing MM and the different categories here.

My husband and I have 17 snakes (soon to be 18), and we’re 99% positive we won’t be adding any more. We have no real interest in breeding, just really like snakes. :smiley: At this point we’re focused on getting everyone into their permanent enclosures.

Our collection includes:

Ball Pythons
1.0 Pied - Clark
0.1 Pastel Vanilla Yellow Belly - Cher
1.0 Pastel Vanilla Super Stripe - Sunny
1.0 Cinnamon Calico - Yoshi
0.1 Cinnamon Enchi - Peaches
0.1 BEL (Mojave/Lesser) - Arya
0.0.1 Normal - Norm
0.1 Pewter Het Pied/Lavender - Ariel
0.1 Dragon Fly - Buffy

0.1 Dumeril’s - Memphis
0.1 Suriname BCC - Rhubarb
0.1 BCL - Artemis
1.0 BCO - Grimm

Carpet Pythons
0.1 Bredli - Zelda
0.1 Granite IJ - Bridget
0.1 Caramel/Jungle/Diamond - Pixie

Corn Snake
0.0.1 - Mushu

A few photos







Welcome to the community @kjd6291!

Never say never! You could always surprise yourself and go again in the future.
Soon to be 18 is a lot of snakes, but that’s super cool you and your husband both like them!

Clark is just precious :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the family! It looks like you’ve got a lovely collection there :+1:

Welcome! You have a very nice collection. Cute names too! Can’t believe I’ve never thought of Norm for a normal ball python, lol. I also have a female lesser named Arya. :stuck_out_tongue: