Hello from South Carolina

Hello, my name is Mike and I have been a lover of reptiles for years as a result of my son. He has shown an interest in reptiles since a very young age and actually wants to become a Herpetologist. He is 12 now and we currently only have 1 reptile, a beautiful snow albino corn snake. We are wanting to begin growing our collection into ball pythons, tortoises, bearded dragons, and geckos. I am wanting to do this to help him learn more as he grows and for his love of reptiles. I look forward to to learning along side him from everyone here.

On a side note, since I have began my search for ball pythons I have noticed that there are thousands of breeders out there but it is hard to find info on many of them and few have websites. My wife is a web developer and is willing to help anyone that would like to have a website built for their breeding/reptile business.

I really look forward to learning as much as possible from this community.


Welcome to the community! I’m also from SC!:grin: looking forward to seeing your posts! Also if you are looking to add anything let me know, I’m expecting some nice stuff this season :+1:t2:

Welcome to the family! The reptile expo at Greenville was one of my favorite expos when we were there from 2001-2004. I understand it isn’t quite what it once was, but we sure loved it :+1: