Hello from St. Louis to

My name is Matt. I’ve been keeping reptiles for 22 years. I kept carpet pythons (jungles and coastals) until I had children. Recently, my children became interested in the hobby, so I thought ball pythons would be appropriate. I do miss my carpets.
Currently keeping the following ball pythons… All are 2019 offspring.
0.1 Butter Genetic Stripe
0.1 Vanilla Cream
1.0 Banana Calico

Here is a pic of one of my carpets. She left in a trade.


Welcome back to the hobby Matt! That’s so exciting that your kids are now getting involved.
Do you think you will ever go back to carpets, and have them with your kids?

I love your little snakes!

Welcome!! Nice snakes!!

Yes, definitely. When I kept carpets, the bloodlines were pretty clean. I had Python Pete , VPI, and Michael Pennell offspring. When I do get back into carpets, I plan on dropping some cash on bloodlines I can verify are pure. Probably a tall order, but I’m going to try.

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Welcome to the family! Nice snakes :+1:


Welcome back to the hobby and welcome to this forum!

Hey I’m from the stl as well. O fallon to be exact.