Hello from the great north!

Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Thought I’d share a little intro about myself. My name is Amanda, I’m 25 (almost 26), and Iive in Central Minnesota. My professional life is in sales for a major mattress retailer, and I’m getting married in a little over a week.

In addition to all our reptiles, we also have a few pet rats that we kept from a breeding colony we used to have, 2 hedgehogs, a cat, and a 90 pound German shepherd husky.

Now on to the good stuff. First of all, I’m a living testament to how much ball pythons (and other reptiles) are like Pringles… Once you pop, you can’t stop!

I bought my first ball in April of last year and by June I was up to 5. Now I have 20 of them, a corn snake, a hognose, a boa, a leopard gecko, and a couple tarantulas. When I first started keeping balls, I had zero intention to breed. I started scouring this website for hours every day for like a month straight, and I saw some of the most beautiful animals I’d ever seen. Lavender snow was the big one for me. Because of that, the next purchase I made was my VPI axanthic girl, Nyx.

Yesterday I paired my my pinstripe female to my pewter male and today I got my first lock. It’s the coolest thing watching the process unfold, from the courting, to the tickling, to the actual lock and beyond.

My family and most of my friends think I’m a loony tune because of my passion. But to me, breeding balls isn’t about making money. It’s about producing quality animals that can captivate you with their beauty. I’m so excited to see what the future holds. I look forward to connecting with you guys and hopefully meeting some of you at Tinley in October… That is, if it doesn’t get canceled again…


Hello and welcome!

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Since your just getting started I highly recommend you watch the business series being put out by olympus reptiles on YouTube and patreon. It’s got some very good advice that I wish someone had given me oh I don’t know about 18 years ago…


And oh yeah welcome! Haha

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I’ve actually been watching Matt from Olympus and Baker from Blue Line Morphs pretty religiously! Such amazing information on the business aspect.


Hello and welcome Amanda :blush:
Good luck with the wedding, I hope yous have the best day of your lives.

If you want to show off your other pets head over to Non-reptile pets, we love all animals on here.
And remember to post some pictures of your reptiles in some other threads aswel :blush:

Good luck with the Pinstripe X Pewter pairing, I hope you hit that Pewterblast (Cinnamon Pinstripe Pastel) first time. :crossed_fingers:

You will enjoy it on here, everyone is friendly and goes out of their way to help each other.
We really are a big welcoming family.

18 years ago?.. And here I was thinking you look 21 :wink::wink::joy:


Welcome to the forums, finally, Queenz! :smiley:

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Lol hardly my friend… :laughing:

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Hello and welcome. I am also from central minnesota. I also breed ball pythons, hog island boas and bci.

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