Help breeding leopard Gecko

Hi I have a bell albino leopard gecko and wanting to breed her but needing help what make can I get that I can breed her with as got second set up need the make but do t know what to get any help please


I don’t recommend breeding a single gene albino. The offspring will not be very desirable, and you may not make back your investment due to the low value of the offspring, especially if you factor in your labor and time. I’d recommend keeping the albino as a pet and purchasing a new, higher-end pair with more desirable traits. Remember, just because you CAN breed it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD breed it.

I’d also recommend spending a little time researching Leopard Gecko genetics before embarking upon your new breeding project. Your future customers will be looking to you as an authority on all things Leopard Gecko, so you will want to be prepared.


This is perfect advice for a new breeder!
There will be nothing more disheartening than not being able to sell the babies you worked hard to produce. You don’t need to spend $1000s, just have a good plan and know the animal you are working with.

Here is @mblaney’s Masterlist of every leopard gecko morph! that we plan to work heavily on in the near future to add further details and pictures.


Remember to plan on keeping what you produce in case the little ones never find a new home and breed what you truly enjoy keeping cuz you may end up keeping it

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