Masterlist of every leopard gecko morph- help fill in the blanks!

Ahoy all! Calling all leopard gecko folks!

I am working on a comprehensive list of every leopard gecko morph, and I need some help filling in the blanks. The formatting got all skewed when I copy/pasted it, so please excuse the messy appearance (ignore the haphazard indents). If any of you are involved in the leopard gecko world, please have a look at these & let me know what’s missing/incorrect/etc.:

Assorted Nomenclature

  • Aberrant = irregular body pattern + banded tail
    -Some say irregular tail + banded body also qualifies

  • Abyss = Mack Snow + NDBE + Enigma

  • Abyssinian = debatable whether it’s even an actual morph, different sources describe differently
    -unpigmented Eclipse eyes- ‘clear eyes’
    -paradox + w/out black pigment on body (?)

  • Albino/Amel.= 3 types
    -Texas = Tremper
    -Las Vegas = Rainwater
    -Florida = Bell

  • APTOR = Tremper het Eclipse +/- Patternless

  • Aurora = Bell + W/Y

  • Aurora DADAR = ?

  • Baldy = Patternless head

  • Banana Blizzard = Blizzard +/- Patternless
    -Some contend is just a yellow/tangerine Blizzard

  • Bandit = Bold with a broad, dark band across the nose

  • BEE = (Black-eyed) Enigma + Eclipse

  • Black Blood = Blood line from JMG Reptiles to be darker/rustier

  • Black Hole = Mack Snow + Enigma + Eclipse

  • Blazing Blizzard = Albino + Blizzard
    -default = Tremper Albino

  • Blood Sucker = ?

  • Blue Amber Eye = BAE, ocular mutation from Tremper

  • Blue Fire = ?

  • Bold Stripe
    -GGG line
    -Halloween Mask
    -R2 Reptiles line

  • Bright line Bell Albino = a line of lavender bell albinos developed by ___ to appear brighter.

  • Calcite = W/Y + Eclipse + Bell + Mack Snow + Enigma
    -Stealth + W/Y
    -Black Hole + Bell + W/Y
    -Radar + W/Y + Mack Snow + Enigma

  • Carrot Head = Patterned orange head

  • Carrot Tail = at least 15%!

  • Cinnamon = a line of Tremper albino developed by Tremper from his Bold Bandits

  • Cipher = base morph, Geckoboa

  • Circle Back = old school, describes pattern on back

  • Creamsicle = Super Hypo + Tangerine + Mack Snow

  • Crystal = Rainwater + Eclipse + Mack Snow + Enigma
    -Typhoon + Mack Snow + Enigma
    -BEE + Rainwater + Mack Snow
    -Black Hole + Rainwater

  • Cyclone = Rainwater + Eclipse + Patternless
    -Typhoon + Patternless

  • Dalmation = Geckos Etc.- defined red spots on light background

  • Diablo Amarillo = ?is this a thing?

  • Diablo Blanco = Tremper + Blizzard + Eclipse

  • Diorite = Super snow w/extreme speckling

  • Dreamsicle = Mack Snow + Tremper + Eclipse + Enigma

  • Ember = Tremper + Eclipse + Murphy Patternless
    -?not sure how this is different from RAPTOR?

  • Emerald = ?same as Emerine?

  • Emerine lines
    -Clown G (g project + electric)
    -G Project – Matt Baronak
    -Green & Tangerine – Ultimate Gecko
    -Pacific Green – Kyle Golinveaux
    -Sykes line – Geckos Etc.

  • Fascio cross = direct descendant of wildcaught E. m. fasciolatus + whatever morph

  • Fire = ?

  • Firebold = Very bold & very orange/red (specific line?)

  • Firewater = Rainwater Sunglow (Lava Line – HISS & Bryan Jett)

  • Forget Me Not = the more lavender phase of the Plasma project from Dolezel Reptiles.

  • Galaxy/Total Eclipse = Super snow + Eclipse

  • Ghost = faded appearance, everyone disagrees on genetics
    -Same as Pastel?

  • Giant/Super Giant/Godzilla Giant = heritably big gecko

  • Glow Madness = European morph??

  • Goblin = TUG Snow + SHTCT + Tremper + Eclipse

  • Gold Candy Cane = Cinnamon Albino Zorro Mandarin Bandits developed by Tremper
    -i.e., high contrast Cinnamon Albino Tangerine Bolds

  • Golden eyes = (?) eye mutation from Csyt Reptiles (?)

  • Granite = ?same as Diorite?

  • Halloween Mask = Bold +/- same mask as Bandits

  • Hybino = old school, HT + Albino

  • Hyglo = ?

  • Icicle = TUG Snow + Nova
    -TUG Snow + Tremper + Eclipse + Enigma

  • JBR Glow = (European) ?a line of tangerine? Tremper?

  • Jungle = both body and tail pattern are irregular/not banded

  • Lichen = (European) ‘Ghost’ + Enigma + Mack Snow

  • Magma = A tangerine line from Dolezel Reptiles, part of their Plasma project.

  • Marble Eye = Eyes look weird & 3D, some problems associated

  • Melanistic = dark gecko
    -Black Night
    -Black Pearl
    -Black Velvet

  • Midnight Blizzard = a dark blizzard

  • Nova = Tremper + Eclipse + Enigma

  • Noir Desir Black Eye = NDBE
    -ocular abnormalities, infertile females

  • Onyx = gecko has a smudged out pattern (from TUG)

  • Panda = Black Night + Eclipse +/- Mack Super Snow (unclear- new term in 2021)

  • Paradox = Spots independent of the rest of the pattern

  • Pastel = debated
    -same as ghost?
    -Separate heritable trait, but polygenic(?)

  • Patternless stripe = when the background color of a gecko includes a ‘stripe,’ independent of the pattern of spotting (mostly noticeable on SH)

  • Phantom = a TUG thing
    -TUG snow + SHTCT + Tremper

  • Plasma = A tangerine project from Dolezel Reptiles with 2 phases: Magma & Forget Me Not

  • Platinum = Mack Snow + Patternless

  • Predator = Bell + Eclipse + Patternless

  • Radar = Bell + Eclipse

  • Rainbow Stripe = A & M
    -Striped/reverse stripes
    -Characterized by orange & green

  • Raining Red Stripe = Red Stripe + Rainwater
    -Jeremy Letkey

  • RAPTOR = Tremper + Eclipse
    -Originally = Red eye Albino Patternless Tremper ORange
    -hotly debated whether must be patternless- generally not
    -patternless via polygenic, or Murphy Patternless?
    -Solar Raptor = G Project RAPTOR
    -Not sure how this relates to Embers re: “Patternless”

  • Smaug = Tremper + NDBE + Enigma

  • Snake Eye = 1-99% partial pigment in eye (of Eclipse only? Applies to other ocular mutations?)

  • Snow = simple heritable vs. polygenic
    -Mack Snow- codom
    -Gem Snow- ?
    -TUG Snow- ?
    -Linebred/Selectively bred (Albey Scholl line)

  • Snowflake = Mack Snow + Tremper + Eclipse + Patternless
    -aka. Snow Ember
    -RAPTOR + Mack Snow +/- Patternless

  • Snowglow = Tangerine + Mack Snow + Albino

  • Snow Storm = ? multiple snow traits in one gecko? (don’t breed!)

  • Sobe = ?

  • Solar Eclipse = ?

  • Sonar = Enigma + Bell + Eclipse (?) but not snow?? Thought was same as stealth?

  • Stealth = Snow + Enigma + Radar
    -Snow + Enigma + Bell + Eclipse
    -Black Hole + Bell

  • Stonewash = JMG
    -‘stonewashed’ appearance
    -developed for their Black Bloods

  • Sunglow = SHT + Albino
    -Some say there is also Mack Snow?? Wtf?

  • Sunrise = Tangerine + Albino + Blizzard

  • Sunset = Tangerine + Blizzard

  • Super Nova = Super snow + Tremper + Eclipse + Enigma

  • Super Platinum = Super Snow + Patternless

  • Super Stealth = Super Snow + Enigma + Radar
    -Super Snow + Enigma + Bell + Eclipse

  • Tangelo = Tangerine + Tremper
    -Red Diamond = (Tangerine + Tremper )– Maia + Gonzini lines

  • Tangerine lines
    -Afghan Tangerine - Ultimate Gecko
    -Atomic – A & M line
    -Blood - JMG
    -Electric – HISS
    -Gourmet Rodent line
    -Hot Gecko line
    -Inferno – Luxurious Leopards line (albey + tug + electric line)
    -Mandarin – Gecko Genetics
    -Nieves line
    -Plasma (Magma & Forget Me Not) from Dolezel Reptiles
    -Purple Head- lavender tangerine from GeckoBoa
    -?Burning Blood?? (from where?)
    -Tangerine Tornado - TUG
    -Torrid – Albey Scholl

  • Total Eclipse/Galaxy = Super snow + Eclipse

  • Typhoon = Rainwater + Eclipse

  • Universe = Super snow + Eclipse + W/Y

  • Vanilla Project = mix of pure E. macularius subspecies, Geckoboa

  • Vermillon = ?European?- somehow linked to enigma as they influence one another

  • Vortex = Rainwater + Eclipse + Patternless + Enigma
    -Cyclone + Enigma
    -Typhoon + Patternless + Enigma

  • White Knight = Bell + Eclipse + Blizzard
    -Radar + Blizzard

  • White Out = Mack Super Snow + Blizzard + Eclipse

  • White Side = ?does this just mean it has white sides?

(Anyone can edit for errors, corrections, additions, etc. See pic below for guidance)


Wow the work


This is nicely done Marla. Very good piece of information.


It’d be my dream to work on Rainwater + Blizzard + Eclipse with a certain characteristic (it’s secret! :eyes:), and get to name the morph!

(I’d call them Barrow Wights- if somebody beats me to it, you’re welcome to use the super-awesome name. heh.)


Wow Marla, I’m impressed with this. Welcome back by the way :blush: we’ve missed you here.

Would it be possible to add whether they are recessive or inc-dominant or dominant?


For the well known ones, yes. There are some that are debated, but even more of them I have no clue what they are or even look like. That’s definitely a good idea to aspire to.


Wowwwww, I have nothing to add but much to learn. Thank you!!


Just in case anyone wants to use this as a legit reference, I’m going to try and improve the formatting. As it is it’s a bit misleading, and I’d like to improve that. So there may be quite a few ‘edits’- apologies!


Don’t apologise for the edits, this is a huge project your doing here that will be used my more people than you think. :+1::+1:


I know there is a new recessive mutation from called Cipher from GeckoBoa reptiles.

Cipher A recessive trait with reverse stripe back patterning and solid black eyes.

I love this I will be working on finding more info for this to help fill in some stuff!


Oooh! You’re right, I forgot about Ciphers! Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve found the names of a ton that supposedly exist, but without any descriptions (in English) or pictures available, I can’t tell. (e.g., ‘Golden Candy Cane,’ ‘Diablo Amarillo,’ etc.). Keep an eye out for those too everyone!

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For some reason it’s not letting me edit the post any longer. I can still edit my replies, but not the original post. ? :worried: ?

@john am I doing something wrong?

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Once a certain number of days pass (not sure the amount) you can’t edit your posts anymore. Not sure exactly why.

Well that sucks. Wish I hadn’t spent so much time on it then. Thanks for letting me know!

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@mblaney I have just made it a wiki. You should be able to edit again using this button instead…

It is to stop people changing the subject of the topic to make commenters seem misinformed or argumentative.

Say I said “I’m going to do spider X spider” and then a month later change it to “I’m going to do spider X pastel”, all the comments would seem out of place and unnecessary… If that makes sense.

I had this trouble with the morph encyclopedia, which is why i made them wikis (publicly editable).


I found that the Calcite morph is a combo morph which is W/Y Eclipse Bell albino Mack Snow Enigma.

Dolezel Reptiles produced there own tangerine line which they named Plasma but there were 2 phases that came from the project. The Magma phase which was the tangerine looking one and the Forget Me Not (The worst name I have ever heard lol) Phase which acts and looks more like a pastel.

Gold Candy Cane A high contrast line of Cinnamon Albino Zorro Mandarin Bandits developed by Ron Tremper they are basically high contrast cinnamon albino tangerine bolds.

Cinnamon Albino A line of Tremper albino developed by Ron Tremper from his original pure Bold Bandit group.

Bright Line Bell Albino A line of bell albino selectively bred for many generations to appear brighter. That is why they named it that.

Black Blood A line of blood that has been line bred for a darker more rusty color Developed by JMG Reptiles. (I have been looking for some pure of these for a project.) The black blood is also where the stonewash morph was from.

I am seriously a machine. This is what I do in my free time and now it has came to use.


Hey everyone:

The Masterlist (the top post) is now a wiki! (Thank you @eaglereptiles !) So now anyone can edit it! :smiley:

I actually originally started the list just for myself, because I couldn’t keep track of what traits were in what combo morphs. I wanted to avoid certain things while seeking out others. I ended up adding in some of the lines for various selectively bred traits at some point. Then I added more stuff, and eventually realized that I’d never seen a more comprehensive list in one spot, so I should share it. (Notice I said ‘comprehensive,’ not ‘useful.’ heh. :wink:)

Thank you @geckokingdom ! I’ve been wondering what happened with Dolezel- I used to love looking at the leos they had, but that part of their site abruptly emptied completely. Hopefully all is well with them.


You are welcome :blush:

This is a amazing piece of work and with the community being able to help it can only get better and better.

Maybe we can eventually get pictures of each morph/variation added underneath each one :wink:.


Sorry @mblaney I did not check this yesterday. Ya I hope everything is fine with Dolezel I used to love just sitting looking at their Leos and just there unique lines and morphs and thinking about how I will never be able to afford it, because of the currency conversion at the time. I think they are just taking a break. (hopefully…)

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I’m just going to give this topic a bump as it has helped me before and I hope it can help more people.