Help ID rescue?

Hi everyone, i rescued this boy the other day from some owners who werent taking care of him. I was very struck by his pattern and color they do not resemble any Normal ive ever seen. Can anyone help ID my dinker male? He seems to have a lot of Enchi characteristics to me. What do you guys think?

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Looks a little like a cryptic.

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Thats interesting! His skin is really bad right now it looks like he has not shed properly probably ever. Cryptic is interesting though can I ask why you say that? I will have to do some research I am not to familiar with that gene. I am working on getting a Normal breeder female right now to prove him out.

Glad it made it to a good home :+1:


I am a novice at best, spend more time researching genes than buying them so take my guess with a grain of salt. What made me think cryptic?

Check this video out.

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I was literally just watching that video thanks for the suggestion. I think you may be right mine definitely has some of these characteristics. Only one way to find out I guess!

What does everyone else think?

Why is it that when some new big morphs comes out, suddenly everyone becomes convinced that their Craigslist rescue is one of them? No one is going to give away multi-thousand dollar animal as a rescue… :man_shrugging:t4: That animal is not a Cryptic…

Better pics of the head/eyes would help but I would agree it might be an Enchi. I could also possibly see it being a Fire or Vanilla or related.

That said, I can also see how poor conditions, malnutrition, and a few bad sheds could cause transient pigmentation issues that would resolve with a few months of proper care and diet.

Get the animal recovered and settled in. In a year or so you can consider breeding it out and seeing if it proves genetic. Until then though, do not worry about what morph it may or may not be

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That went well? If you overlook the first paragraph, he made some good points! Don’t let those points go to waste due to an emotional feedback loop. Take care of your BP and keep researching……and dreaming, that’s half the fun for me.

it fell on deaf ears. I know how to take care of the animal his opinion was nil. Just trying to ignore it and get constructive information.

this may help give you an idea for in the future when asking for help. :slight_smile:


I don’t think he’s a cryptic, but he does look like he could be a morph. I’m seeing an overall light coloration, clean pattern, light head, and lots of blushing.

The pattern does look a bit like enchi, but clean banded patterns can occur with any morph. From what I’ve seen, enchis have more of a gold/yellow tone, especially on the lower sides. The color of this guy looks more mellow than that to me, more like fire.

Check out the pictures of Albey’s adult fire on that page. Looks very similar to yours as far as color.

Could you take a better pic of the head and sides, and get a shot of the belly?

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Thank you for your response. I agree Fire is a good possibility. I will try to post some more pics here shortly.