Help ID this clutch, please!

This clutch was produced on a loan and for the most part we’ve agreed to what we have, with a couple of discrepancies. If anyone with more experience would like to weigh in I would welcome the suggestions!

Sire: Butter Mojave (BEL) het Hypo, possible Pastel, Black Pastel, and Enchi
Dam: Pastel Hypo

And, the clutch:

I am going to hold off on posting our own thoughts so I don’t influence anyone’s thinking one way or another.


Sire does not have BlkPastel, I can guarantee you that

Centre: Butter Enchi
Top right: Mojave Pastel
BotTom right: Hypo Butter Enchi Pastel
Bottom left: Hypo SuperPastel Butter
Top left: SuperPastel Mojave


Right because that would mean the sire was an als. So all the babies would have had enchi or black pastel which is clearly not the case here.


als? Black Pastel and Enchi are allelic? I haven’t heard that before… But I agree on not seeing Blk Pastel on any of these kids.

Correct they are.

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Alright, after much discussion between myself and my friends who supplied the girl for the pairing, we are still a little hung up on the identity of this little one. This photo is outdoors and is a much better representation of the true coloration. I also included the rest of the clutch for comparison purposes

Can anyone explain to me what you see and why/how?
Guesses so far:
Hypo Super pastel Mojave Enchi
Hypo Super pastel Butter
Hypo Butter Pastel Enchi

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Hypo - The general “ghostly” look to the animal
Butter - Colour and patterning are consistent with Butter and not a Mojave
Enchi - Patterning and vibrancy added to the Butter trait
Pastel - The butterfly headstamp and the colouring