Help identifying Crested Geckos

I recently aquired these 2 Geckos and I’m new to the crested hobby. I was hoping someone would help me identifying them.

The M I’m told comes from a dalmatian parents and the F I’m told is a partial pinstripe.

Thanks in advance.


They’re both harlequins.
The Male would have a lot of spots if came from Dalmatian parents so don’t think that’s the case. He’s also underweight.


I agree, both harlequin.

Do you have any pics of M unfired? That might show his spots of they are there.

He does look a little underweight but it could just be his build or the angle, I’ve got 2 males that look underweight to me, but they are plenty heavy, they just look slender! Do you know the weight?

@foxreptile Here is one of him not fired up. But I agree I really dont see spots myself. Just weighed him and he is 44g.


I can’t see any spots either and it would have shown by now, it’s doubtful the parents were dalmation as it’s super hard to get rid of spots

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Thanks for your help. Got these guys with 4x eggs and mamma is due again any day. Excited to dive deeper into the hobby. Wife is gonna kill me. :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Until she sees a baby hatching… Then she’ll fall in love! :heart_eyes:


Bless, babies take a bit more work but similar care at least.

I’m sure she will love them once they have hatched