Help identifying sand boa?

Ok. So long story short i have been keeping various types of snakes for years now but I went down to the local shop with my heart set on a dart frog and walked away with a Sand boa. I have never kept these and I’m unfamiliar with the morphs and looking in the ads I have a few ideas but maybe someone with more expirence could help me with identification? Any thoughts would be appreciated


First, welcome to our community @perryjacob461! I hope that you enjoy it here.

As for IDing for sand boas @westridge is going to be the person I trust with these guys. To help us get the best and most accurate guesses, could you take better pictures use this guide provide by one of our users?

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It’s definitely an Anery Stripe.


@lumpy thanks! I’ll keep that in mind when posting in the future but now that I look at it I can see that they arnt great pics. lol
And @westridge thank you so much!!


No problem!

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That is why I recommended @westridge because she is very good at IDing them.

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