Help identifying snake

Recently been sent a photo of this snake that needs rescuing. Obviously want to do all my research before agreeing but I’m struggling to find what kind of snake they are. So far the only identification is Boa. Can anyone help? And some idea of how big they’re going to get would be appreciated too :slight_smile: Thank you!


I have a nicaraguan sunglow that looks an awful lot like that one. How big is it? If its smaller I would lean toward it being a CA hypo T+ of some sort.


Hi, thank you! He’s just under 5ft. Kinda Royal Python sized at the moment but unsure of age.


Thats mine.


also, if it is a CA boa (central american) then its probably full sized. It might add some girth but shouldnt get much longer.


That’s perfect thank you so much! Hopefully he’ll be coming to live with me soon :slight_smile:


Hello @ros13 and welcome to the forum! To me that boa looks like a carbon copy of the one @themorphranch has and both are really really lovely!

I have a 5 year old CA boa boy (Red) and he is roughly 5 feet long. If yours is a male he should be maxed in length and girth. Females get a LOT more girth on them….

There are a tons more people here who have tons more boa knowledge, such as @themorphranch but I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents since I have a CA, which btw is a TOTAL teddy bear! I don’t know the reason for the adoption but if the boa you are looking at is as sweet as Red, you won’t regret adopting him……

Best of luck with your decision @ros13 and ask all the questions you need to ask without hesitation! :blush:

And here is my Red: just for kicks and grins! :joy:


Hi @caron thank you so much!! Didn’t even know this forum existed until I was trying to find out more, but I love it!
Red is absolutely gorgeous!!

He was surrendered to an exotic vets as the family couldn’t care for a snake, I’ve been told he’s an absolute sweetheart and good with handling. I’m a zookeeper and have been wanting a snake at home for ages so they sent me a picture hoping I’d be able to help.


Oh my goodness I have always wanted to work at a zoo! How wonderful for you @ros13! You are a great addition to the family here and I am soooooo happy you found us!

There will be others to chime in with advice/info but just so ya know we have a “boa” club here and we would LOVE for you to join! Lol!

Seriously though, it sounds like this boa would be a great fit for you if you decide to adopt him. And please don’t be a stranger! This is not like FB or any other social media I have ever seen. The people here are unassuming, caring, knowledgeable and just downright a great group to belong to. I think you would have a lot to add as well!

Best wishes to whatever you decide and keep us updated with pictures and progress if you decide to “join the club”! :pray::blush:


Just look at how long and red Red’s tail is. :sunglasses:


Hi all, just an update for anyone who might be following. Rescue snake is coming to live with me next week, he’s called Rambo and I’m very excited.

Just checking @themorphranch and @caron if you’re CAs are very arboreal so whether a taller Viv with some leveling might be better than a lower one, if anyone has some advice on that :slight_smile:
Glad to join the club


Actually none of my 3 ever show arboreal inclinations. That being said, you can also provide your CA extra height as long as you don’t sacrifice the terrestrial length.

Here’s to the very best of wishes to you and Rambo for a long and happy life together! :heart::pray:


Rambo is settling in well!


Just another update, my lovely boy has been renamed Icarus and is settling in really well. Pretty much the perfect snake, I can’t understand why his family didn’t want him. Here’s a picture of him looking lovely and iridescent :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey @ros13! I love the name Icarus! You are very blessed to have him! Sometimes people will buy a snake on impulse. The little baby snake is so small and cute but when it grows into adulthood it’s too big to take care of. That could be one reason the family gave him up. Other than that who knows.

I don’t know where you live but when the weather is nice it’s good to take your snakes outside once in awhile to get some fresh air. Red seems to enjoy his bit of time in the grass and sun.

Definitely keep us updated on his progress with you. Are you feeding him FT? :thinking:


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