Help identifying?

Bought this guy back in December, I was told he was banana with something else thrown in…Anyone with an idea?


I am just getting into ball pythons, but maybe Enchi Banana.

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that was my initial thought but after looking on morph market he doesn’t quite look like he has enchi in him, i just know he’s very very light compared to the banana’s i see on morph market and has a very erratic pattern on him

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Looks like maybe a pastel banana

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Maybe I’m in the minority here but it just looks coral glow to me.

He’s not nearly as bright as the coral glows i see on morph market, i’d love if he was just a single gene because it’d make my first breeding project easier, but something’s telling me there’s atleast one other gene in the lil guy

he hasn’t started really developing the ‘dots’ that i see alot of banana’s have either, if that somehow helps identifying him, what you see on him is some of the substrate(i use a mix of coco dirt + bark, so he’s just a lil dirty)

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Coral glow and banana are basically impossible to tell apart due to being the same mutation. Some lines of coral glow can be brighter, some can be less so. Same goes for banana. Looks more pastel banana to me. Banana enchi tends to have more brownish/darker pattern.

Pastel banana:

Enchi banana:

Enchi is a pattern disrupter it doesn’t always affect color. Coral glow/banana is actually a form of t+ albino.

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As light colored as He is it could be super pastel banana or super banana. He looks lighter than the one in the picture. Wish they would develop a DNA test for ball pythons. Then there would be No guessing.

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yeah, he’s got very light yellows on him. That pastel banana is almost exactly him, although he doesn’t have the ‘blushed’ spots on the back like that one does, as well as no black spots. Plus the pattern is very different. The coloration is almost spot on though.

My bet is on pastel banana

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Pattern on BPs is highly variable even without extra genes. Your boy does have a few spots and blushing as well. How old is he? They develop more spots as they age, and can start out with very few as babies.

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I’m unsure of his exact age, I’ve had him for just under 4 months now, and got him from someone that previously bought him from someone else. Last owner had him roughly 2 months, so my assumption is he got him right after he had taken 3-5 meals(so about a month or two?)…7 months max maybe? He’s 2 feet exact and weighs 219grams if that helps at all.

He still has a lot of growing/color changing to do. He will likely get more spots as he ages too. He does seem to be a pastel banana though in my eyes.

definitely seems like most of the replies lean towards pastel banana, it’s nice to know for sure/have a good idea so thank you everyone.

Pastel banana/coral glow has a lot of white. I’m just not seeing that on this guy. Also pastel doesn’t reduce freckling. Genes like butter mojave black pastel cinny they all reduce freckling pastel does not. Pastel also would brighten the colors not lighten. Genes like fire or vanilla would make it lighter. The freckles develops with age so it’s not surprising given its age that it has none.

I know we are taking about identifying BP here but didn’t want to start another topic. What do these columns on the calculator tell us? Sorry dont know what the symbols represent in each column. 1-4

It’s an odds break down for each pairing. So you have a one in 32 chance of getting that combo with the selected pairing or 3% and 3 and 4 are the odds of getting it with your inputted 6 egg clutch one is 6 chance or 17% Does that make sense? I’m not always the best at explaining myself lol


I though that might be what it meant, wanted to make sure. Thanks

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Always happy to help👍

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