Help IDing my Ball Python

I bought this female from a breeder that said she is black pastel pied with unknown morphs. I only know the dam which was also labeled as a black pastel pied. First pictures are the female at question. Last picture is the dam.

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I think you mean het pied for mum.

And to know for certain with your female I’d say pair to a normal male when she’s up to weight :blush:


Breeder said pied. I was told that black pastels normally are high white. Lessons learn. Buy from reputable breeders.

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Not the best at a wild guess with unknown genetics but with the increased pattern I would say you may have a Black Pastel, Enchi Pied. I know Enchi increases pattern in piebalds. I would say there are a few breeders on here that may work with these genes or could add a more solid answer than I can give.

Blk pastel pied I produced for reference…


As others have said, mom was definitely a het, not a visual pied. Your baby is a visual pied though. Mom looks like she might have mojave, phantom, or some other BEL gene as well. She doesn’t look like your typical black pastel to me.

I’ve produced a black pastel enchi pied, and while I think your girl might possibly be the same morph, I’m not 100% sold on it. Pics of my black pastel enchi pied girl at different ages and under different lighting for reference:

Overall there’s a lot more orange and pattern obliteration on my girl, so whatever is going on with yours I think it might not be enchi. She is very lovely though and I hope you have fun proving her out!

While a male normal would help you figure out what other genes she may have, I think a different recessive gene would be a nice touch. That way you could produce normal-looking babies that would still be valuable double hets. If it were me, I’d throw a male clown or sunset at her. If you’re on more of a budget, even something simple like Hypo or Albino would make some great combos with a black pastel pied.

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We got her after we got our male banana. Both of them have over a year before they can try to breed, probably longer. Do you think a banana would work or should I look into adding a different male?

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No, that’d be fine. Personally, I find it hard to identify some genes in banana combos because the color of the banana is so overpowering, but only half the clutch should have it.

Do you know if your banana is a male maker or a female maker?

Male maker.

Just ordered this pinstripe probable trojan het pied I would like to pair eventually as well.

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