HELP please my crested gecko keeps sneezing!

I’m really concerned, my crested gecko keeps sneezing… I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s never done this before

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Can’t say I’ve ever seen my lot sneeze. Have you checked her nose incase something is stuck of even mouth?

These are some of the causes I’ve heard of for them sneezing:
•Ingesting Loose substrate
•Respiratory Infection
•Incorrect Temperature
•Humidity is too low
•Mold In Tank
•Irritation from the air

Of course I can’t say what’s causing it for sure, but i’ve heard one of my geckos sneeze when shedding.


Do you mind letting us know how you keep your CG? Also can you include some pictures of your setup?

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So I moved her into a new enclosure this morning… and she was outside moving from the car to inside and things. She started doing it when we got inside for a couple hours and I was holding her. There were multiple in a row and she would stop and then rub her nose all over I’m really worried

So she is a new pet or did you have her with you in the car?

Personally, I am worried too. She might have some stuck shed in her nose or it could be a RI. Do you know when she last shed?

No I’ve had her since September. I just brought her to school bc we Chan have animals and needed a little smaller cage so I set it all up

What is your humidity? Do you keep her on paper or in a bio? Can you post a new picture of her, so that our gecko people could look at her and see if they think she might be shedding?
Additionally, do you know where you could take her to a true Reptile Vet, if you need to?

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She on bio. With isopods in there. Her humility rn is like 66 but I’m gonna re mist it when I’m done eating.
And it’s Friday she was gonna satay here over the weekend to de stress from the transport I don’t wanna re move her back home… what should I do!
And this was her just before she started sneezing


@ghoulishcresties and @foxreptile are going to be your best bets on terms of care and husbandry. @geckos_rule03, I hope this all comes out to be a simple issue that can be easily resolved.

Me too! I love her so much

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Can you post a full pic of the enclosure? And just to be clear is she living at your school, or are you bringing her back and forth from home and school?

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She lives there. She was just home bc I was on a break

Hi, I have a few questions:

How long was the car journey
What did she travel in
What was the temperature during transport & in enclosures at either end
Do you have a picture of her since she started sneezing (if possible)

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She was in a critter keeper and for about 30 min
The cut tent temp is 71
And I don’t I’m letting her destress and she in the leves

Okay, other then sneezing is she doing anything else unusual?

Is she less energetic or breathing through her mouth? I assume you haven’t seen anything stuck

I checked her nose and I couldn’t get her to open her mouth. But she didn’t have anything obvious blocking her nose. And she seems to be breathing normally except when she sneezes

Does she look more bloated then usual?

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No? She seems the same and she pooped this morning and it was normal