Help to identify a orange ghost/ghost clutch and to correctly label as such

This year I hatched a clutch from an Orange Ghost to a Phantom het ghost. I posted them as 100% het OG and poss het ghost. AFAIK theres the possibility that the 2 lines aren’t compatible so thats why I added the poss het ghost. For sake of not misrepresenting I ask for an id and clarification.



From these pics I would say 1 and 3 are phantom and they don’t appear hypo to me. So I would say they were two incompatible ghost lines.

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I personally don’t see ghost/hypo in any of the babies either


My question is, should I label them as I have them (100% Orange ghost poss het ghost) or just label them as 100% hypo? There seems to be a debate on if orange ghost and just ghost/hypo are exactly same. 1 and 3 are phantom, 2,4, & 6 appear to be het but 5 is a bit of a mystery. I don’t know if it’s a low expression phantom or if I’ve got another gene. Compared to 2,4,6, the 5 is extremely bright.

Here’s two of them together. I can take a photo of all the hets together if anyone wants.

I would label them het orange ghost because you don’t know the other line. Orange ghost is a line of hypo. And phantom is an incomplete dominant gene so there is no het for that.


How did you get the Phantom het Ghost. Did you produce it? Is there a chance it’s not actually het?


Bought her, put the OG to her to prove out. But like I said earlier, the hatchlings I marked as 100% het Orange Ghost (my male is a visual) AND possible het ghost because I’m not sure if the lines are compatible or if the phantom just isn’t het. So my question is… Do I just label them generically 100% het hypo, 100% het Orange ghost or 100% het Orange ghost AND possible het ghost?

There’s enough of a chance that the female isn’t actually het ghost that I’d personally not list the hatchlings as poss het ghost until she does prove out with a different line of hypo. So I’d list them as 100% het OG only. Maybe explain the full breeding situation to those interested in the pairing.

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So I am no expert, especially not in Hypos, but I know @stewart_reptiles works/worked with a few different lines over the years and I trust her word on this …

Pictures in the sunlight will be the best way to work this out, also looking for clear/patternless sheds.
Here is a Guide in asking for Morph Identification Help

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I was going to ask Deborah what she thought about it. I just didn’t know as the morph calculators spit out the secondary ghost and there’s never been definitive word that I’ve seen to put it to rest. I’ll just remove the poss het and explain the pairing. That seems way easier and less headache. Thanks for the replies. I just want to be honest with genetics and not under/overstate what’s in an animal.


Thank you. It’s what I’ve debated since hatching. Just the calculator adds that extra ghost and I’m not too familiar with all the hypo stuff and some of the convos I’ve searched for didn’t say either way.

I’m thinking the het ghost isn’t really a het. I don’t work with a lot of recessive genes but I do with hypo. Most are compatible I’ve never had one that didn’t turn out to be compatible. But I have heard that it happens. Orange ghost is the most common line and is compatible with almost all other lines. Most of the time you see something labeled ghost it’s orange ghost.


Looks to me like the parents are ghost x normal

All babies are 100% het ghost

The parent looks phantom to me. Why are you thinking it’s a normal?

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It’s just looks normal, I don’t see phantom. That’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

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I could be wrong as well. Wouldn’t be the first time lol. Was just curious.

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