Help to Identify Yellow Belly Gene in Hatchlings

Hi everyone

So it’s that time again, where I need help to identify the genes in my last clutch for the season.

I am able to identify the visible genes, but I am not able to confirm if any of the hatchlings have the Yellow Belly gene.

If I am wrong with any of my Id’s, please say so, as this is my first year breeding.

I am including 3 pics per hatchling.

The pairing was Yellow Belly x Pastel Pinstripe Spider.

According to me the hatchlings are as follow:

  1. Pastel Pinstripe Spider
  2. Pinstripe Spider
  3. Pinstripe Spider
  4. Pastel

Can you please confirm if this is correct and if any of the hatchlings have the Yellow Belly gene?

As always, your help and valuable input is greatly appreciated.


First, I advocate waiting until they shed. I am finding more and more that people do not seem to realize that these animals have not developed full pigmentation when they leave the egg.

Second, I would also suggest a group photo of all of them together. Sometimes having two of “the same” combo together can let you pick out subtle differences between them


Thanks so much, I will wait until they shed then, just so curious, sorry about that.

I will definately take a group pic of them as well.

Thanks so much for the advice, appreciate it.

Should I delete my thread or just continue with it when they have shed?


And here I was about to give you praise for always providing great ID shots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Travis is right though, let them shed and get some more great pictures :slightly_smiling_face:

Just continue this one when they are ready :blush:

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Whoops…wait to give the praise for the ID shots!!!:yum:

Yeah, think I got over excited, I should have known I need to wait until they have shed.

Thanks so much for always being willing to help

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This is spot on!!! Some babies come out looking super wild!!! Side by side comparison really helps as well! Nice looking babies you have!!!


Okay everyone…I have been a good boy and have waited…not patiently I might add😜
All the hatchlings have shed, although the small(she wheighed 23g when she hatched)what I believe to be pastel looks like it wants to shed again🤔 also the 1 Pinstripe Spider still seems to have a very pink belly color.

Below are some pictures of my last clutch.
Just as a confirmation, the pairing is:
Yellow Belly x Pastel Pinstripe Spider

I am quite comfortable to state that I have the following:
2 Pinstripe Spiders
Pastel Pinstripe Spider

The question however is, do any of these hatchlings have the Yellow Belly gene. If I am wrong with my Morph identification, please let me know.


I am new at this but I will guess. The pastel probably does, looks like the jagged pattern on the belly for YB.
The other 2 darker spiders may be YB also. The lighter one i can’t tell.
My best guess.

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Thanks so much, yeah it’s my first breeding season and first clutch that hopefully has the yb gene.
Still learning…hope to be a pro like some people on these forums😁

I am still researching and asking questions about BP’s. I only have one. LOL he is a pied male. I have been looking at different morphs comparing them and seeing what differences they each have. I like to see if I am right about the ones I guess at. Only way you learn.

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Amazing, I am currently on the hunt for a Pied male. I have quite a few BP’s, to be honest, I am a little addicted😜
Yeah, I constantly learn, the fact that I decide to breed the difficult genes to distinguish makes me even more grateful for this forum.

Man it’s tough in these pictures and tough in general with the spider gene. I would say 3 and 4 have it out of the last 4 pictures. So the two in the last two pictures. Very nice babies!!!

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Thanks so much, yeah I know it’s tough…but that’s why I have you all😜
I really appreciate it, so the Pastel Pinstripe Spider doesn’t have it.

Would you want me to take more pictures, if that would help?

More pictures would help. And I’m definitely not saying :100: on the ids on these guys. So I could be wrong on this one.

No probs, I understand, it’s quite difficult.

I took some more photos, if I need to take more, I will👌

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The brighter of your two Spinners is YB (the one to the right of the Pastel Spinner where they are in the front of the pic)

I do not believe the Pastel has it.

I am not sure about the Pastel Spinner but given how bright it is I am inclined to say yes

So my final vote would be:

Spinner YB
Pastel Spinner (probable YB)


I would go with Dr Wyman’s Id on this one he’s is better at identifying the yellowbelly gene than me. And yellowbelly spider isn’t a combo I’ve produced very many times.

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Big fan of the clean reduced pattern on the pastel pin spider. Beautiful snake! I really struggle with yb I’m hatchlings as well.


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It’s easier to do in person with clutchmates to compare to. And also in combos you produce frequently. I’ve probably only ever hatched two or three spider yellowbelly combos. So not my strength for sure.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.
It is exactly for this reason that I am on this forum.
I am super happy with the clutch, and I am super happy with my 2020 breeding season​:ok_hand::partying_face:

Thank you for all of the assistance.