Help with morph and gender

I have recently brought an Opal corn snake but I haven’t got a clue what the morph or gender is I have attached a photo to help or how old it is, any help would be appreciated
Thanks !

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Opal is albino and lavender mutations expressed at the same time; both are recessive traits. They can be difficult to distinguish from snow (albino + anerythristic) or blizzard (albino + charcoal) corns at times, particularly hatchlings, unless the breeder that produced it knew the genetics of the parents.

Sexing can be done visually on adult snakes, but sometimes that can be tricky too. Your best bet is to have someone experienced probe it. I’ve also heard of a service that can sex the snake by providing a shed skin sample, but don’t know the name of it.

Based on the size of it in your photo, it looks to be a 2020 hatchling.


Popping is another method of sexing (safer than probing if you aren’t experienced) and can be done on colubrids pretty easily. If you want us to have a shot at guessing the sex we will need pictures of the underside of the tail.

Ok thanks and yeah I won’t be popping anything lol, I’ll try and send some pics of the underside in the next couple of days.

Just send these guys a shed (and $15) and they can definitively tell you what gender your snake is.

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What about what morph it is will they be able to do that as well??

This is the snake, I don’t know if this will help??

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It is an Opal morph.

An Opal is a combination of Amel and Lavender.

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Thank you kukrikepper, would you know the gender by looking at it??

We need a picture of the underside of the tail if you want us to guess

These are the best I can get unfortunately sorry about the blur…