Help with morph of crestie

And yes all in bio mine are, even hatchlings :blush:

Also I keep females together in pairs or trios, all do brill.
A couple were picky on who housed with but all good now :blush:

Just thought I’d check!

My Cresties have bio-active tanks also.

I think it depends on the Crestie.

I tried to cohab Gingerbread Latte, but she didn’t do well so she is back on her own.
However I have 2 sisters that live together, I seperated them but 1 didn’t do well so now they stay together.

I agree your gecko is looking more like a she!

The creatie?

I mean crestie

I think they are referring to you saying it’s a he. When it looks to be female.

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Yes the Crestie looks like a female

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I love this, he sounds wonderful.

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So it’s a girl!!


That’s what I said :joy:

Very obviously not a he that’s for sure :laughing:


Your Gecko looks fully grown, fully grown males will display a clear bulge. Most start to show when young but I have had a late bloomer.

Males also have pores.

How old is your gecko?

Here is a pic of one of my male geckos, showing a clear bulge


I’m not quite sure… I got her from a place called twin cities reptiles. Which is where I got my Leo too! They said she was probably 5 months or something I don’t really remember… but I got her in September

September 24th. This was the first ever pic I took of her

How much does she weigh?

You might find below page useful.

How to tell the sex a crested gecko

But if she weighs above 25g (as I expect she will) then I’d say she is a female

She’s 29 grams!
How old would u say she is then?!

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Could be any age. Some are slow growers.

From what you said she could be around 8 months?


Yay! Ty guys SOOO much! Been so much help!


She could be as young as 8 months to 3 years, just depends how slow or quick her growth was.

But yes, I’d say female at that weight!

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Definitely no bulge, so female at that weight!


I know I’m late to the party but she is absolutely beautiful and adorable. She looks a lot like my yoshi. I love her!


your school lets you bring your CrUsTiE