How to tell the sex of a Crested Gecko

A few people have asked about how to tell the sex of a crested gecko, so I thought I’d make this thread. Hope it helps.

Firstly adult male crested geckos will have a bulge like so…

Females can sometimes have a little bulge, but it’s usually very clear which is male. Below is a female with a slight bulge, as you can see it’s not visible from top view

However it is harder to tell the sex when crested geckos are young. I check the sex of my crested geckos as little as 6 grams, however I wouldn’t recommend below 10g if just starting out.

Here is a pic of a young 10g crested gecko, just above the black line are the pores which that run along the underneath of the cresties back legs, this tells me the Crestie is male.

Female cresties can have pores, however they don’t form the consistent line like you see in males.

Please note, pores are not always visible, pores can appear later on so this is not a guarantee of sex… Just to give people an idea.

I find using a jewellers loop makes the process easier


Ideal. I get people asking me all the time!
I sex mine from 3g, then I check again at 5 and 10. Touch wood not been wrong yet! :sweat_smile:
Though personally speaking, I have Never seen a pore on a female to this day. Which is why when sexing at 5 I know 100% what the sex is.
Also some males will get a bulge early, 5g early. Usually around 10g you know without looping too! Should be obvious he is a he, in some cases a bulge may not appear til a bit layer on which I know you’ve had with one or your males! I also had this with Pod, was around 18g? When it really popped out! :joy: He had a slight bulge but fully developed then. But he was sexed at 5g as a Male so I expected it! :sweat_smile:


I have also sexed Cresties from as little as 3g but only with a jewellers loop. Most people don’t have this so thought I’d base it without the loop. Most of my males haven’t shown any bulge to 15g.

I haven’t got any wrong, so far and I’ve not seen a female with pores but I know they exist so didn’t want to confuse anyone.