Herping trip!

Gonna wake up at 5:00am tomorrow to go herping! Hoping to find at least an eastern rat snake and eastern milksnake, but would welcome a black racer or smooth green snake. I’ll share some pics if I find anything.


Please do keep us updated!! I love herps, make sure you add your pics to reptiles in the “wild”.


That sounds super fun. Once the weather cools down a bit here, I plan to go herping too. I’d love to see what you find!


No snakes, all I found was three red backed salamanders and one that I think was a blue spotted salamander. I forgot to take pictures. It’s pretty hard to find snakes where I live. I have seen a few garter snakes, a northern water snake, an eastern rat snake, and one juvenile eastern milksnake that I managed to catch and take a picture of.


But you gave it a go! Hoping to tramp through some swampy muck looking for turtles in the next week.


I saw a snake biking the other day (I see a snake and 2 seconds later my bike’s on the ground and I’m running towards it, unfortunately it was to fast for me to catch or get a picture of :rofl:). I’m going to have to go on a herping trip in Southern Ohio sometime.

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@garciademueller That is the fun of herping though, sometimes you find nothing and other times you find crazy stuff. Like when @arice88 I believe caught a huge indigo snake.

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