High Intensity Orange Dream [DONE]

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Facts:Single gene animals look like supers

Species: Python Regius:
Name of Gene: High Intensity Orange Dream
**First produced by whom: Amad Osman(Ozzy) **
Year First Produced:2010
Genetics Type:Incdom
In complex with other genes?:Orange Dream
Other names/aliases for it?: HI OD
Description:Bright orange snakes with deep black pattern, very clean compared to regular orange dream, single gene animals look like super orange dream, combines very well with highlighter genes and especially pastel which doesn’t combine well with regular orange dream. Adult High Intensity Orange Dream Pastel animals look like pastel desert ghost.

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head:Slightly blushed U shaped head stamp
  • Body: Dark black banding with bright orange sides, often large flames as if it carried yellow belly
  • Belly: Mostly white with belly tracks as you approach the tail
  • Tail: Often striped with bright orange sides

Proven Lines:The Bright and Clean Line and The Deep Orange Line
Related Genes:Orange Dream

Proven:I have proven several generations of each line and I can provide pictures and videos of High Intensity Orange Dream animals vs Normal Orange Dream animals. To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic?
Unique:Single gene animals look brighter and more orange than super orange dream animals. Super High Intensity Orange Dream animals look like a different gene all together with deep orange coloration and jet black pattern. Also, regular orange dream animals tend to have a dirty spine that it cleaned up by high intensity orange dream. Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one?

Problems:No health or genetic problems are associated with this gene Any problems?
History:Ozzy Boids was initially selling these animals as super orange dreams, he had to buy several of them back when they proved to be single gene orange dream. Ozzy then bred them

the next year and proved that they were single gene animals that looked like super orange dream.
The history behind its discovery?
Disagreement or Controversy:No
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