Home made hatchling racks. Post a picture

Need ideas on a hatchling rack, just need a few visual aids, and heating tips.

Heating tips … depends on how familiar you already are with heat tape, etc. For smaller racks a lot of people opt for back heat but I prefer belly heat. Flexwatt heat tape is easy to find and ReptileBasics has a whole series on how to terminate it.

There are tons of places online to find these products and tons of different products so definitely shop around. :slight_smile:

See this page for tools, etc: https://www.reptilebasics.com/heat-tape

And this page for a general guide of dos-and-donts: https://www.reptilebasics.com/heattape-faq

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Cheers, unfortunately in the UK heat tape is unavailable/banned, we’re stuck with mats or heat cable. Great rack by the way.

Oh, right. You can do the same with the cable. Some people do use a really large mat as back heat instead of bottom heat. Good luck!

Im so glad you have said that. I have been unable to find it anywhere online. Any knowledge on why they are banned ?

Think has something to do with safety with open connection, heat tape you have to solder the wires on where in uk heat mats are sealed units, also think theres something about the voltage difference with uk and America. I’ve heard people having electrical problems with ARS racks when they import the to uk.

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Currently running heat tape and a thermometer so it doesn’t go past 95 or below 90


Nice. Maybe I’m over thinking things for some reason I worried building a rack it really complicated.