House Results For the Cinnamon Enchilada same locus shenanigan!

So, I’d like to say when I first caught notion of breeders results concerning these two genes, I was floored that it wasn’t already stated by the gene founders and others that have worked these very established genes over the years… thus, I thought it was a farce and something learned by captive outcrossing. Honestly, I thought I could beat it utilizing stock genetics closely related to founding animals and not diluted by double digit Generational watering… I was wrong

When masterminding my pairings last year I had no knowledge of these recent results and set out to outcross SuGra with Cinnamon Enchi OrangeDream in hopes of landing a Cinnamon Enchi OrangeDream Gravel specimen. Apparently it’s going to take me another breeding for that quad!

Hearing this new information created a little intrigue and extra anticipation post ovulation of the dame Cinnamon Enchilada OD.

And they came… here’s my results… insinuating here in my own shop that Enchi is allelic to the Super Black complex… which is super surprising to say the least when it happens in your own eyes!

Super Gravel x Cinnamon Enchi OrangeDream (now deemed Spicy Enchilada OrangeDream ALS)

Enchi Gravel likely Orange Dream
And Cinnagravel Dreams

I’d like to SHOUT OUT to my peer Coach Robert Whittier of Coach’s Reptiles by first calling this out in my circle based on his own results early last year. I want to sit down and serve him an Old 96’er for his realization But at the time I thought it was his luck do not miss on the singles and miss on the combo.



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