How long do you keep pairs together?

Just put my two normals together to test the breeding waters this year. How long do I leave my male with my female? Do I remove him for feeding either snake?

I believe its typical to leave them in for three days max then give them both a rest. Definitely don’t try yo feed while their together. If its their first time it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at them every so often to make sure everythings okay and to see if you can observe a lock.

48 hours or less if I witness a lock.

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And does the female need a break? Or can I just change the males after the 3 days.

normally females are paired once a month

If you pair multiple males to the same female you can put a second male in soon after and give her a rest on feeding day and the day after, if you want to pair the same male again there is no need to do it that soon, pairing once a month is enough.

You can do twice if you don’t witness a lock.

Be smart about when to pair, use low pressure, storms, rain, snow etc

Know your animals look for signs

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3 days or until after a confirmed lock then the male gets a few days off to recovery and hopefully eat. The female i give about 2 weeks off .