Would like mentor for beginner ball python breeder

Hiya, new to breeding ball pythons, im not new to the animal. Would just like general help for beginner. If anyone could help guide me along the way that would be great! Thank you!


Hey Courtney :wave:,

Welcome to the community.

Our private one to one breeding courses start at $1,500 per hour and we will also get rights to your first 10 clutches.

I’m just playing :crazy_face: if there is any particular questions that you have please let us know and we will help out. Also check out some of these that have a bunch of useful topics.


Do you have one for Boas?


This got me so good!


What a deal!

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Wait you guys are getting paid?


lolol rights to the clutch.

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Hey! Welcome to the breeder community. Can’t wait to see what you produce down the line! Like many have said, we’re all here to help and provide resources. I highly recommend talking with breeders near you and touring their facilities if you’re unable to mentor under them for a few seasons. They can offer help with enclosures, pairings, purchases, and general care! Good luck and may your animals and you stay happy and healthy.


Welcome to the community and I know when you start breeding everything can seem overwhelming! I just finished my first season, and if it wasn’t for the forums I would have given up, ha-ha no joke.

Below is the most helpful egg box tutorial on the interwebs you’ll find. I used this method ALL season and will continue to follow it in the many seasons to come. I did add Pressn’ Seal on my last 2021 clutch, and I think it’s done pretty well. Definitely has kept the humidity in the egg box a lot better.