When to stop pairing?

So if you have been pairing for about a month with putting them together for 3 days then waiting for the next week and pairing them again. When is it to much for the female? Once there is an ovulation? Because I plan on putting another snake morph in with the female due to lack of seeing a lock. Should I wait a month? Or is it ok to pair them right away?

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If you are pairing the same male and female your over doing it already. You really only need to pair once a month until ovulation. There is no benefit to pairing more often and your likely to see your male go off feed with that kind of schedule. Males will breed themselves to death.

As for putting a different male in - you don’t have to wait, but remember even if you haven’t seen a lock it doesn’t mean there wasn’t one.


This is :100: on point!


That’s true about seeing a lock. Also I heard breeders do the 3 day thing and it seems like your more likely to get them to do something together. But like you said they’ll breed themselves to death.

3 days together is fine. Just not every week


I will buck the system here slightly…

I will pair males weekly, three days a week, cycling through different female each week. I pay very close attention to the males and give them a break if necessary, but I have only once had a male that I had to take out of circulation.


I think the point was if your only pairing to one female once a month is plenty.

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Thanks for the info guys. It all helps.

If you are only dealing with one female, then yes I agree, once a month is sufficient

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